Ugh, I got the MMR vaccine a week ago cause I'm working in a hospital and they told me I had to get it. Then on Monday morning I felt like complete crap. The lady had pre-warned me there was a small chance I could develop measles as a result of the vaccine. But the early symptoms for measles are similar to a bad cold/flu so I took the day off working, hoping I'd be better today. Woke this morning feeling worse. And as the day progressed worse and worse. I even cried at one point dammit. I hate crying, I really do.

I decided to go on steam and play stuff and joke with my friends so I could ignore it and be happy. Parents come home and dad sees me laughing and playing and has a go.

I then try to explain what me and my mum have been talking about which was the possibility of it being measles. I pointed out that one early symptom was small spots in the mouth, which I found. But all the same he called me a “hypochondriac” like he always does. The phase just f***ing gets to me. It crawls under my skin, it makes me feel s*** and it just never helps the situation. I want to yell and scream at my dad and make him understand he isn't being the least bit helpful. But instead I run up to my room, write some silly lyrics and cry a little – which makes me feel worse, I really hate crying!

So yeah...i feel like s***, my dad isn't helping and I really just want to crawl into my bed and ignore the world for the next few months at least.

The End

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