So StupidMature

I am so pissed off beyond any reasonable doubt!! the guy that I started going out with on nov 18.. well it only lasted for two days. first of all, when I got onto facebook it said "blah blah blah has gone from in a relationship to single" HE DID NOT EVEN TALK TO ME ABOUT IT. He just did that without one word, so I was like WTF! So I IM him and ask if there is something he would like to say to me, he was like "what?" so I mentioned the status thing. he said "oh that, I was thinking last night and I still really just see you as a friend and sister" him saying "oh that" REALLY pissed me off because it was like he forgot or it was the last thing on his mind, like it had no importance whatsoever to him. and APPARENTLY IT DIDN'T! I discovered yesterday that apparently him asking me out was a JOKE. I do not really remember why I looked at his profile yesterday, but I did, and I saw that a girl posted on the "in a relationship to single" thing and asked what happened. his reply? IT WAS A JOKE, PLAYING WITH A FRIEND. WE DO NOT GO OUT. Apparently he said that 3 days after we broke up, I just saw it yesterday. I was SO pissed off AND I STILL AM! how DARE he humiliate me and mock me like that, how DARE he abuse my feelings like that! I genuinely LIKED him and I thought he liked me, but apparently not. APPARENTLY IT WAS ONE BIG JOKE PLAYED ON ME! I want to punch him in the face so many times, I want to make him lose the capability of having children. I want him to be punished for what he did. HE DOES NOT DESERVE A GOOD GIRLFRIEND, HE IS TRASH AND I CANNOT STAND HIM. I refuse to talk to him anymore, I am done with him!

that is all,

The End

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