Stupid pianoMature

Ok, reading the other chapters on here makes me feel like an idiot to get upset about something stupid like this. But my mom is forcing me ot take piano lessons. No, there's nothing wrong wit hthe teacher herself. Let's just say my last teacher didn't work out. She just kindof stopped setting up lessons. Then I stopped paracticin. i hate that stupid piano. I can't even stand the sight of it. Just because my mom played the piano when she was younger doesn't mean I want to.

Other than teh stupid piano, I have a friend at school. I would prefer not ot give her name. She used ot be my best friend. She was a really good person. Then she completely changed. She started talking with this one guy. Then talking turned to kissing. Then to sex. Now she's gone goth. Adn she used to be one of those people who wore the brightest shirts she could find. She never talks either. I find her leaving school early almost every single day, with some excuse of a sore back. Honestly, she's starting to worry me. I don't know whatot do with her anymore. I shouldn't worry os much, but i have an anunt who made the same bad choices, got pregnant, then her husband left. and I couldn't bear it if that happened ot her. Ahe's starting ot worry me to the point that I don't eat very much. fI guess I've lost my appetite. Because I'm so worried about her, I've lost four pounds. and I'm still not hungry. Sure, I'll eat a small meal. A bananna for breakfast, a pb&j for lunch, and a very small amount of whatever my mom made for lunch. I'm hoping posting about it will make me want to eat a bit more.

Well, I should end my rant here for the day. I guess I'll go talk to my pillow some more.

The End

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