Am I making this more than it is???Mature

I have been deeply hurt by a guy who I went out with over two years ago and I am still living the effects of the split. I am over him, for the most part. sometimes I get this feeling my gut of horrible horrible pain and sadness. Sometimes I am still so HURT by him and the things he did. I feel like I should not go out with anyone because he is forever haunting me. Like, I should just not ever go out with anyone because anything can set off this immense pain of him being gone. the thing that set it off this time was one of my friends, my ex's sister, posted a status saying "my brother is coming back home for a week!" (he is in NY). As soon as I saw it, the mere mention of his name was like a punch in the stomach. I gasped and jumped when I saw it, just by her posting something about him, just at seeing his name. I feel like he is taunting me, like "no matter where I go, I will haunt you forever. you will never be over me, I still have you like a hook in a fish" I still feel like he has this power over me. I mean, just the mention of his NAME sends me into depths of pain, how PATHETIC is that? I am so pathetic, I rip these hooks out that he has in me, but he keeps reeling me in, I am helpless against it. He does not even know he is doing it.

I am used to these kinds of things, but there is one problem. I have a boyfriend, I really like him, we have been going out since the 18th. I did not tell him about any of this stuff, what if I have another break down in the middle of our relationship? I don't want to hurt him... he is a good person! what do I do?? I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! Help me. 

The End

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