I don't know.Mature

Once and I while, I feel my emotions stirring and turning me insane. For example, when I go to an event that is exciting and/or new like a concert I'm performing at, my mood fluctuates more than the economic status. I started off over joyed and it descended down and down.... And I had no idea why. (Well, I have an idea)

It's happening right now. I'm ready for bed, I got 2.5 pieces of homework done and I had time to watch Merlin. I should be feeling fine...

No, I came on here as I always do and I checked my notices. Nothing apart from some lovely comments from my friend. (Without her, my emotional craziness would be unbearable).  I stood up and looked in my homework diary again. 3 pieces. Not so bad. Went back to the laptop and sat it on my lap once more.

After a few minutes of reading and typing, I noticed that I had laughed out loud at something someone had written in a rant. I don't usually lol for real (especially about politics)

Then I had the urge to rant. That is the main sign that my mental state is deteriorating.

Apart from being a woman, I don't know what's wrong with me. 

The End

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