:O Oh damn.Mature

I felt like in a ranting mood for no particular reason. I only just realised something.

While on protag, I read 3 rants from people I love. They hurt my emotional side and I said so. Ever since then, I tried to get across that when people are sad, it makes me cry to know I can't help them (I am an emotional weirdo to be crying over someone elses pain).

I just realised that because I warn my friends that I feel bad about their suffering, it could stop them from posting here and getting it off their chests. :o If that's the case, I may just face palm myself (or kick myself, which ever hurts more). Please, if anyone needs to get something off their chests, put it here before it makes your heart explode.

Trust me on this. My heart had held on to so much that my chest is 90% glue by now. XP

The End

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