Taken InMature

You've got the world wrapped around your fingers

And why wouldn't you? 

With that charming smile,

That contagious laugh?

Everything you want, you get

Because no one can resist you.


Everyone loves you

Because no one sees past you

You take what you want

Not caring about others

And, if you do care

It's not real.


You smile at someone as you drive a knife through their back.


Someday, someone's going to get you

And you'll be revealed

What lies underneath

I cannot say.


No one can resist you

We are the moths to your flame.


Yet, you are rewarded for your crimes

As if even the world couldn't say no to you.

What must it be like,

Being you?

Having everyone bending at your will?

Having the world bow down before you?


Even now, as these harsh scrawls

Pierce the page,

I feel an unyeilding sense of regret.

What if there's more?

What if she's broken?

What if she's hurting?


Then I think of how that could be no more

Than a deadly weapon in your arsenal.


Someday, you'll find out  what it's like

To stand in the place of us.

To watch someone you can't help but love

Take everything away from you.

And you're powerless to stop it.


Someday, you'll fall off that pedestal we've placed you on

And I'll be standing with the mourners

Because you've compelled us all.

The End

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