What happened to humanity?Mature

Before you start reading this, let me just say a few things. I'm not a sad person, although while typing this I might scream. I'd like to consider myself a good person, not perfect, but good. And I have no idea why, but I swear, once most people turn twelve, they turn into a moron.

I'm not going to talk about all the things that have happened to me, like how my "best friend" tried to get an entire army against me and me alone. Or how my ex-girlfriend dumped me because she though I was her brother, and then became a lesbian after she dated another three guys in three months. Or even how for a long, LONG time, my friends were convinced that I was a werewolf and would think of me as a canine. I could talk about any of these for days, but I choose not to, this rant isn't for me. It's for everyone else.

Half of my female friends have been "sexually abused" (it's easier for me to say that than the other word). Half. To put this into a number, at least seven. Half by people related to them, half by random horny pricks who don't care for consequences. It sickens me how easy this is for some people, how pathetic they have to be to STEAL sex from teenagers, or even primary schoolers. That's not all I have about this, I've noticed something. I'm not sure why, and it may just be amongst my friends, but after a girl is rape, they seem to get to the "sex" part of a relationship way quicker, and then they become nymphomaniacs. I don't understand it, but I'd be lying if I said I ever understood women. Bottom line, this is disgusting to me.

A good friend of mine left school in grade ten. No one was ever sure of what happened to him, but I had suspicions. After I talked to him over a year later, I learned I was right. The same person who called the army of kids against me in grade nine had put it upon himself to make sure my friend was tormented twenty four hours a day, everyday until he cracked. And guess what? He cracked. Badly. He spent a while in a mental asylum after trying to kill himself, twice. A few months later he just disappeared. He hasn't left his house in over a year, he spends days on the computer. I don't like seeing this happen to him but, there's nothing I can do. My old "best friend" destroyed him, it'd take a miracle to bring him up again.

I have the extreme displeasure of being able to say that I am friends with quite possibly the worst human on the planet. A shortlist of things he's done: He almost had me suicidal when going on about my ex (pathetic, maybe, but you don't know what he said). He smoked weed with another friend, lied about it, continued it, and then when he stopped he shunned the friend for smoking weed. He has abused every single friendship he has ever had because of something he could gain for them. Before a relationship, he whines about being lonely, during one, he brags about how much better than everyone else he is, after, he explodes into how much of an intolerable person the now ex always was and denies ever having feelings for her. He has made everyone else in his group, WORSHIP, him, I don't know how, but he is a revolting human being, and no one says a thing about it. There is nothing good about him, I might sound nasty, but you would too if you had to deal with what this guy is like when you get to know him. He is pollution to this planet, he is filled with awful, and he deserves nothing but rejection. But of course that won't happen, because everybody sees this god like being in him and love him to pieces. I would just say I won't be friends with him, but I'm terrified that if I do that all my other friends will shun me for going against him. 

There are other issues, but I can only type so much before I need to cool down. If you read this I thank you, and good night. 

The End

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