Er...Asparagus Syndrome?Mature

No. Asperger Syndrome. (It's A form of autism.)

When I was 11 I was diagnosed with autism. I felt relieved. I had always known I was different , and I felt safe to have a name put to it, to know there was others like me. 

I never tell people unless I know them very well. It's because of the assumptions people make and the lack of knowledge on it. That autism means a stupid antisocial freak. What? It's autistic spectrum disorder. SPECTRUM. Every case is entirely unique.

I wish that it didn't have the 'disorder' bit. So what if my brains not developed normally? I'm not going to die from it. I do have problems. I do, with communication (I hate idioms!!!!!!!) and coordination. (Everyone else always got annoyed with me in PE for dropping the ball.) Doctors, look away. If not read on.

I would like to burn every health dictionary ever. To say autism is 'a severe social impairment' with a 'lack of creativity' and a 'devastating effect on others'. They say that I will get nowhere in life. Sorry, but what about the other autistic traits, that all of us have at least one of?

Like the brilliant memory?

Or intelligence in maths and science?

And, of course, that one amazing interest and talent...

Please. Don't stereotype. 


The End

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