Cleared out my room two days ago and moved about all the furniture, what do I find?
Something of his.
I haven't seen or thought of him in nearly a year and all of sudden this happens.
I know I should contact him since he might want it back.
But the thought of having to hear his voice or god forbid see him.
I just can't do it, for so many reasons.

One – He is now engaged to his new girlfriend and I doubt he'd appreciate me randomly contacting him.
Two – My own mental health, it took me long enough to get over him seeing as he was my first and so far, only serious relationship
Three – I know I'll do or say something I shouldn't

This is all messed up because I ended it!
He was the one who f***ed up, so why was it he moved on so easily whilst I struggled for three, whole, god damn months. 

Argh! Ending rant now.

The End

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