a short story of mistrust, justice, lust, love and heartbreak

your teeth are bared, a smile of mass destruction. lurid, lustful charisma pours from your tongue like holy water. it washes over those around you, bathing them in a feeling of being wanted, being chased, being the object of desire. silver threads spill from your crusty lips and whisper around the waists of innocence, stroke their soft and blushing cheeks and prise apart their virgin lips. you play them like a fiddle, the music of which strikes disgust in those outside your web of lying lust. your face slides through love, confidence and innocence as the situation demands.

but one day, you will meet her. her of fiery words and sparkling eyes, who dances on her tiptoes and can fly through the criss-crossing silver strings. her who spins circles around you, whose laughter is cruel and mellifluous, whose smile is posed and tantalising. her whose angry bite will destroy the web around you, whose temper can throw hatred and fear into hearts around her. her like an angry storm, a demon of beauty and anger, who will bring you to your justice and confront you your sins.

her who you love, and her who breaks you.

The End

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