The burial

They Lied! They lied! They Lied!

My head aches with the echoes of those words.My words,their words.  Screams,piercing,shrill. Young,old. A babble of ancient and modern tongues fighting for air, fighting to be heard.

They , the Devil's henchmen, shrouded in grey. Metal clinking on shiny ,polished brass. Shiny leather, a compliment to the newly laid tarmac. Black beasts,enhancing their owners hatred and baring it copiously through foamy,saliva dripping, fangs.

They, the family, motherhood entrenched forever with a mothers lament. A motherhood mantel of sorrow,sadness and loss.

From Water and cleanliness to a new beginning...they said.

From gas and muffled moans to agonising death...we breathed our last.

Door open. Shouts, shots, shovels.

Ditch,red soil,bloody soil, human waste, haste, urgency to ditch into the ditch..

More shots. More shouting. More weight. more stench.

Quiet words, softly spoken. I understood.

I waited.

The End

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