Okay, where do I begin? There's something about my life that just tells me that I don't have enough space for writing. When it's not school it's work, and when it's not work, it's school. Now that I'm on the longest holiday of my life, my mind is preoccupied with my music, my university applications, my social life and finding a new job, which will allow me even less free time.

I've got this story in my head - it's a semi-sequel to a novel that I finished writing earlier this year. However, I can't seem to find the time to start it. I always seem to have something to do. I'm also worrying about exposition. The story exists in a pseudo-reality, and I want to be able to explore the science of this reality without boring or confusing the reader. I've spent a few hours each day combing the idea through.

I should get started now... aw but I have work to do...

Well, thanks for reading (I always feel bad when I complain to people).

The End

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