Similar concerns. Similar Struggles. Similar everything.

There are worlds inside my head. Worlds that could be put on paper. Worlds that might amuse, entertain, and even enlighten. But how do I put the world on paper? How do I capture the images in my brain and transfer them to a bleached part of a dead tree? Motivation.. of course motivation is always the answer, and where do I get motivation?

Jury's still out. Jury is still out.

Still one piece of advice for the struggling writer. It seems apparent that people can steal your work with a copy/paste job and claim credit for you're creativity. 

This was horrifying to me... but it also freed me.

Now I don't hesitate so much when I write. Now I am not stressing out to make the perfect masterpiece. Now I am not trying to type out gold. All of my work on this website is brain vomit. If anyone wants to steal my brain vomit then they are free to do so. I don't care too much anyway.

Practice writing. Practice just getting it out. No perfections. No correcting yourself on spelling or grammar until after your done the work if you can help it (I still need to work on that). 

I'm free to vomit my brain out onto the internet.... and there is a joy in that... There is a peace in that. If anyone wants to spread the vomit and put their name on it.. go ahead!

The End

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