A Call for HelpMature

My muse is shot. I have no desire to write. Here, I hope, are some authors who have similar stories, ideas, or whatever, to help me stay focused

I am sitting here with a wonderful story in front of me. This is one of my favorites and I know everything that will likely happen in it. The problem is I have no desire to write it.

This is an ongoing problem, and one that I desperately need to solve. I love the creation of new worlds but I hate the writing of all of it. So I’m here asking you, reader/writer of Protagonize:

What is Your Story

Tell me your struggles in writing, and any advice you may have from struggling. This collab is open to anyone, but it primarily is about you, as a person, not just a writer. Think of it as an autobiographical piece if you wish. I just know I need a lot of motivation to write anything at this point.

I know it wasn’t much but I’ll add more to this later. Have fun folks

The End

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