Help Me.....

I need help. I need love. There is nothing. There is no-one. There is no help. There is only the tunnel. There is no light.

I awake. I draw the curtains open.The sunlight tortures and penetrates my eyes like rockets of fire. I ponder the act of closing them again!

I wash. But I do not feel clean.The lack of soap in my cleansing ritual is like being in a desert with no water.

I wait for the barking to start, heralding my rise.

No sound.

No eager assault up the stairs to greet me.

No.....she rests peacefully. I keep forgetting.

The howling of the autumn wind settles around the large oak tree. The tree that is trying to invade the house. It tries to force itself on the window panes like some intruder,hell bent on destruction and invasion and occupation.

The stench permeates the air in the same way as a herbal smoking stick would. Acrid, flesh on hairy flames ignited with tears.....I had forgotten. I had slept. 


The End

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