.....could it all nearly be over?

Wow, here again huh, who would have thought it, honestly who thought I’d be back again, raise your hands.

(Not you Rich)

A few Haikus later and nearing the end of the sixth week, do I feel any better or less blocked?

The answer would have to be......

.......yes, I do.

I know what I need, just that single moment when the first sentence comes naturally and the rest is just flows, I know I’m nearly there, I can feel it grow more and more every day, can’t bloomin wait!

Just in case this is the final entry in my block journal, there is something I want to say, a massively huge thank you to one particular Protagonizer,

“Jim, if it hadn’t been for these posts I think I would have gone utterly mad, it was an amazing idea and cannot thank you properly for suggesting it, you’re one of a kind and one hell of a writer, may protagonize never fail to see more RiverTalker posts, thank you”

I’m actually tingling all across my hands with excitement, I just can’t wait to write fiction again, not that I haven’t been enjoying what I’ve been doing, the Debate Forum seems to be very popular and the Haikus are so much fun (three cheers for Bucknuck!) but I really miss the way I could lose myself in my stories.

Travelling with Mike down those dark lanes, feeling my heart beat quicken with his as the (hopefully) terrifying journey back to The Death Welcome Tree continues.

Helping Mia, solve the riddles and clues that will, one day, take her to The Ghouls Fair.

Recreating those lush fields and friends of my past while mentally strolling through Slad and Stroud again, imagining the perfect dwelling place for my Bird Of Prey.

Most of all, sitting in the Guest Room, watching the four characters I’ve spent half my life creating, become more than day dreams inside my head, creating the legends for the main story and most of all.......well, I can’t tell you that or I’d give it all away.

Any day now, I know it will come, I can feel it coursing throughout my whole being, I just really wish it would hurry up, lol.

I think I can honestly say, these few weeks have been the single most bored I have ever been, and I used to change hundreds of light bulbs, every day, at a West End theatre!

So should this be my final entry, what words of advice can I offer others suffering this affliction?

Don’t be impatient.

Don’t force it.

And most importantly.....

Write about it!

Hopefully never entering on this again,

Rich  :)

The End

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