.......But wait, what's this now?....

I wanna get this down because if it is the end of block approaching I have to include how it feels or these posts will be pointless.

I have to admit I woke up feeling a lot clearer today, my head didn’t feel quite so stuffed and has thankfully stopped throbbing.

I do feel the urge to give fiction a go, but kinda worried that if doesn’t happen I’ll just end up feeling miserable and (pardon the pun) blocked up again, cos I’ll be honest, it kinda sucks,

So, what AM I going to write, I think it should be something new in case it’s complete rubbish, I keep trying to remember dreams and make something from that, problem is I already used the most occurring dreams I’ve ever had in “Why Me?!”, you know the one with the castle and the lost children, seriously weird dreams.

A friend suggested I do something about a school, which sort of sparked some ideas, but I just think it’s all been done to death, between kids shows like ‘Round The Twist’ and ‘Grange Hill’ to ‘Buffy’ and so on and so forth.

I would try something completely different for me, like a Detective novel or something, problem is I think I’d be bored to death, I need a super-natural or fantastic twist, I’m the same with TV shows.

So like I was saying, It almost feels like being very young again and finally having permission to do something, but then being unsure if you actually wanted to do it in the first place, or if you were just complaining because someone told you that you couldn’t .

Well I’m not planning on wasting it, whatever it is, even if it is just some sort of placebo, I have no idea how I’ll feel tomorrow so I’m going to try and make the most of it.

So here I go, high spirited and ready for action,

Crossing my fingers and hoping to hell I can do it,

And if I can’t I’ll just have to try again,

But if I do,

Then I’ll be very happy to announce,

“Hello, we’re open”

(fingers crossed)

The End

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