Six For Six......

It seems fitting that my sixth instalment in...whatever this is, also happens to be the dawn of the sixth week (shotgon on standby) of my block, I am starting to find it unusual however, that it only seems to effect my fiction, this and its previous chapters being the point in fact, with that in mind I had another idea.

 I considered doing a brief overview of all my stories, you know what I mean, just a couple of paragraphs (which no one would be under any obligation to read, they really would be just for me) summing up the books, but then I figured, what’s the point with author guidance?

I don’t know, what do you guys think?

I have also tried to get away from trying to write, sort of, lol, if playing chess with your boss at his place with the laptop open next to you (just in case!) counts as ‘taking a break’, in all fairness he is a very good player which helped with not focusing on the screen (plus it’s just plain rude!).

Problem is of course, he gets tired and wants his beddy-byes (wuss), I of course don’t! As a lot of our dear Canadian and American friends will know, I’m always still on around four to five am GMT.

That’s when I can’t help but turn on protag and word and wait for the magic....and wait......and wait.....(seeing a pattern?).

I even put myself on both weekend nights, on the bar knowing full well we would get royally.....well you know, and we did, took loads of money and everyone was near death after, laying flat out on the tables literally passed out with exhaustion, every last one....EXCEPT ME!

So my cunning plan to knacker myself out and get some sleep completely failed, and even playing chess with Mike till five in the morning couldn’t stop me signing on and trying to write.

I have considered just going with the non-fiction for a while, but I’m not really sure Protag needs a book on sharks.

I have started asking myself why I keep trying, that maybe it just wasn’t meant to be, I usually mentally slap myself proclaiming “It’s only been a few weeks ya whiny wuss!” but then, maybe the doubtful me has a point?

Could I not be able to do it, because somewhere, in the back of my subconscious I don’t want to?

No that’s a horrible thought, I wouldn’t spend half my waking day running through the most important scenarios in my head (see, never actually thinking about work) if I didn’t want to...would I?

Wow, that’s a hell of a lot of questions, maybe I should start giving prizes can you buy lollipops online? I’ll e-mail them.

So another idea was to just try and forget every single story and try something new, original, from scratch, problem, I can forget about twelve of them really easily, their just for fun, unfortunately (you know what I’m going to say lol) Abso-bloody-lution!

I’m mean I am utterly obsessed, I just can’t stop thinking about it and the trilogy, even more so now I have a forum for them ( I would thank Nick again for the site, but seriously he must be getting bored of it by now?!)  (?! Sorry Tricia)

Even tried swapping my usual entertainment, background noise for writing to, I prefer a movie or story book, SG-1 being my favourite. Mike has kindly leant me some Family Guy, which I love don’t get me wrong, but I’m not sure it’s what I’m looking for (good example being the DVD has now been ready about forty minutes and I still haven’t pressed play)

I’m trying to spend less time thinking about the library, or thinking myself into the library?  Oh whatever, point is I’m trying to separate myself from the old way and try the this space for results.

Maybe you guys can think of something for me to try, No 1 and No 2 I’m looking at you two, lol, all though hold the Teddy Bears and Tree’s ok? ;)

Right, enough sarcasm, this is meant to be about your block.

Seriously though, if anyone doe’s have any ideas (other than Archi who has already kindly offered a place in something she is working on, which is really good by the way) I would love to hear them....or read as the case maybe, I don’t think I have ever done so much reading on the site as I have last few weeks?

It’s my brother’s birthday today and I’m seriously debating taking the laptop to his place, it will be he and I plus our two oldest friends, who frankly may as well be our brothers, and nothing gets my creative energies going like those three nutters, some of the random rubbish they come out with is truly golden to a writer.

So I spose I should stop drivelling on, I don’t know what else to say about how the block feels, I feel trapped and frustrated and YES, still kinda itchy (??) and my head is killing me, still I refuse to give up, I’ve worked too hard.

So, again hopefully for the last time, I’m off to try and think of something new and hope my head and hands agree on my actually getting to write it, I’ll say my little prayer as I post this, already knowing full well I’ll probably be posting another in a couple of days.

Still missing my stories,

Still wishing for the magic back,

Still worrying the library looks smaller?

Still Mist.

The End

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