.......sinking deeper................

Well, according to the site it’s been two day’s since my last post, and yet I’d swear it’s been longer, time has suddenly become the distinct and most cruel part of my block.

Back, what are we talking about now, five/six weeks ago, before this started I found time slipped by me like a snake in the grass.  Completely oblivious to it curling round me drawing ever nearer, until a random shift of my eye to the alarm clock, signalled its strike.

Now it’s like my whole life has been slowed down, but just mine.  I mean in the last half an hour there have been four chapters and several comments posted, and I’ve managed about three paragraphs in the last three days. 

Friends keep telling me to put the laptop away for a while, take a rest and see what happens, problem is, every time I consider turning it off, I get worried I’ll miss the moment that one of the ideas whizzing around my head, actually decides to make it all the way to a word page, kind of a double edged sword really, turn it off and take the risk of missing the moment, or leave it on and risk never being able to write fiction again?

What would you do?

I swear you lot have doubled your workloads too, lol, here I am painstakingly working through each sentence and in the corner of my eye, my email icon is alerting me every other minute to “One Of Your Favourite Author Updated A Story”.

I sometimes wonder If I should compose A Protagonize Will

“And to dear Tricia I leave.......” and what would I leave Tricia? 

To dear Jim I’d pass on The Death Welcome Tree, I know he’s fond of it and the first person approach of some of the chapters,

MEG I’d leave to Archi, well, one big fish deserves another,

To sweet Grace, The Ghouls Fair, I have a feeling she’d completely understand where I’m going with it....or was,

Twelve stories of different size, type and calibre, and so many wonderful authors, I’m sure they’d all do fine jobs of finishing my work, if they wished, and adding their own unique perspectives to them,

“Hang on, Rich, you have thirteen stories?”

Yep, but I’m afraid, metaphorically speaking, Absolution would have to die with me, along with its following trilogy, I was so forward to writing it, finally writing it.

Am I being defeatist? I would understand how this may read that way, but believe me I don’t give up easily (despite the odd personal moan at myself on my profile)

S’OK, I wanna post a serious question, what is block?

The ideas are there, I can see them, feel them, there are so many, as I said before, it feels like it’s all weighing down on my brain, like actual physical pressure, I think I need cracking open, like a nut, anyway, so as I said, the ideas are there, I have a laptop and two hands with full set of fingers and two thumbs, so what is the problem?

Define it for me, someone, please, define it, so I can beat it.  Can’t fight what you don’t understand and I wanna win this fight before my library becomes a broom closet.

Well, that’s quite enough of that for a couple more days, each time I post one of these, I say a little prayer,

“Let this be the last one and let the next chapter I post be a fictional one”

So one more time then.

The End

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