Time to procrastinate

Well, there are other genre's, tragedy although that can be linked to romance, horror, thriller, something thought provoking.... even humour. After all I can use my devilishly sarcastic and incisive humour to reel in my audience thus launching me back into the top ten! Hmmmm

Although it can be a little dry at times, maybe they won't like it.

Right stop shuffling around on your dad's chair, take that pen out your mouth and think! It can't be that hard... maybe its experience I need to get these creative juices flowing. I have not been out for a while now, have not done much, in fact things have been pretty boring around here. What about my brother, I glance at him, study him, look at him so deep that it even catches his attention, I wonder what stories he has to tell? He seems fairly quiet, a little bit shy, annoying most of the time... Im sure he does not have any stories to tell. 

Besides they don't want to hear about him, it is up to me and me only to write this phenomenal masterpiece that will sell like those new i-pod's. I love listening to music, maybe I should write about my passion for music, what bands have I seen lately?

Hmmm, maybe they won't like that, the music I am into is far to controversial and I do not want any negative feedback. But then again constructive criticism could enhance my writing skills. 

Right here goes, it was a dark evening in the streets of london, where music comes alive.....

The End

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