Hello! I'm Your Demon {4}Mature

He's reaching for it. The drug that has addicted him from the very start. It's destroying his life, but I won't tell him that. Not yet. Not while he's in temptation.

"Hey, there, buddy," I say, patting his shoulder. "You look pretty down. Whatcha say you escape the pain?" I motion toward the object of his temptation.

"No," he says. "I can't do this. My son needs me to stay away from trouble. They'll take him away from me if I use again."

I laugh. "They'll never know," I say, stroking his arm sensually.

"They'll know right away!" he exclaims, but I can tell he's weakening.

You puke of a human! Are you seriously this idiotic? Do you really think being high will give you what you long for? "That's it," I say as I see his eyes dart toward his secret stash. "It'll make you feel better. Just you wait and see. You won't regret it, baby."

"No," he says, trying so hard. But in the end, he gives into temptation.

"You're so dumb!" I laugh, unable to control my hysteria. I kick him, all traces of kindness gone. "I go to you for entertainment! Do you realize that?" And I dart away, doubling over with laughter. What a stupid human.

The End

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