Hello! I'm Your Demon {3}Mature

She's sitting by the toilet, trying to keep down her food.

"You're fat," I whisper in her ear. "The only way you'll keep from being fat is to throw that food up, right where it belongs. You made a mistake in eating, but that's okay. It'll all be corrected if you puke."

Dumb girl! Doesn't she realize bulimia will never fulfill her?

She shivers and reaches into her mouth, about to gag. Then, she pulls her hand away. "No," she says. "I've worked so hard at recovery. I can't give up now!"

"Do you want to be fat?" I reply. Moron! You're so stupid! Throwing up won't make you thin! "Throwing up will make you thin, sweetie."

She nods. "I have to be skinny," she says, and reaches into her throat. Within moments, the smell of fresh retch fills our nostrils.

"You fool! You just gave into temptation!" I sneer, and she cowers away. I keep laughing. "You're never going to be skinny! But you just gave into bulimia! What'll your parents think when they know what you've done?"

I dance away. This girl has never been stronger than her demons. What a pathetic lout she's turned out to be. 

The End

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