Hello! I'm Your Demon {2}Mature

He's sitting there at the computer, cursing himself. If his girlfriend only knew all the trash he looks at when he's alone...

I see the way he is resisting temptation. But after I talk to him, it'll only be a moment or two before he falls. Again. Doesn't he ever learn? I tell you, humans are downright stupid.

"Come on, precious," I whisper, kissing his forehead. "You know you want to look at it. You know you do. You'll only be satisfied if you do. If you walk away, you'll be less fulfilled than before. Isn't that right?"

Come on, you wretch! Look at the picture already!

Trembling and berating himself, he moves the cursor over to the link. One click, and all his efforts will be gone.

And in that instant, he gives in. 

"You pathetic loser! Just you wait and see what'll happen when your girlfriend finds out what you've been doing! That's right! She'll hate you even more than I do!" I throw back my head and laugh. This perverted human has never been able to resist temptation, and he knows it. He's just like the rest. Utterly hopeless when it comes to resisting his demons.

The End

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