I do not know what I have just written.


I'm HerSubstanceDestroys.

You can call me Laura.

Maybe you know me. Maybe you sit beside me on the bus, maybe you've walked past me a million times without realizing it. Maybe I talk to you several times a day, both of us never truly knowing who the other is. Maybe you're family to me. Maybe you're a friend.

Perhaps you've read one of my works. Perhaps you've commented, added onto, favorited, page marked, or recommended something of mine.

If someone were to ask me, "What was your salvation?", I would have originally said "My writing."

Now? Now I think it's more of my brain overall.

My brain is kind of like a spiderweb. Tread carefully, and no one will ever know you were there. But there will always be clues.

And tiny vibrations in one tiny corner can change the entire structure.

I am...


But I'm sure you're not reading this to listen to me rant or complain about my problems. Because we've all got issues. The only difference is that some people's issues are bigger than other people's issues.

So let me introduce myself to you with a few key facts: I'm a female teenager living in an area where if you go out with wet hair, it will be frozen into hair-sicles within an certain allotted time. 

I'm certainly not stick-thin.

I've had a helluva lot of bad experiences.

And, I'm an artist.

Well, I count being a sketcher and a writer as being an artist.

But maybe you have a different opinion.

Still, let me hammer one point home, for everyone:

Different doesn't always mean bad.

The things I said above could be attributed to a lot of people. Something a little odder, that combined with the facts above makes me a little bit more unique?

I'm a bi ace. (If my bad habit of short-forms went completely over your head, what I meant to say is that I'm a bisexual asexual.)

I am a slight grammar-perfectionist.

I'm not good at math, but I can give anybody I know a run for their money in English. (Not, of course, including the people on here.)

I do not have a heart.

That may seem a tad extreme.

But that's the only thing I can really use as an explanation for everything I am.

Or perhaps the real problem is that I, quite simply, am a cold girl who feels too much.

The End

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