My Little ProblemsMature

AHHHH!!! I have midterms coming up next! I can’t write too much because it would stress me out too much. Cookie accepted though.
Other problems that have been bothering me (they’re small but they’re of extreme importance):
1. I can no longer spell “because” correctly. For some reason, it always comes up as “becuase” and it no longer looks wrong!
2. My mom is starting to feel sketchy about Protagonize. She thinks I’m spending too much time on a “stupid writing website”. Yes I am spending a lot of time, but the website is NOT stupid.
3. I’m getting fat and  I’m not getting enough exercise. Enough said about that.
4. I have too many brilliant ideas that I don’t have the time to put down in writing and it’s really frustrating me.
5. The English class I want to take is a night class and my mom won’t let me take any night classes.
6. Did I mention I have midterms?

BLARRGGHHH! Sorry. Capital letters have a de-stressing effect on me.

The End

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