You said I could do better.

I want to believe you. But that can't happen. Every guy, for the last year and a half, who has shown any interest, has had some sort of reason to NOT be with me.

I'm too young. (Just one year?)

It's not my time. (Time for what?)

I'm beautiful, but it's a hidden beauty. (What does that even mean?)

I'll find someone better than him. (How can you convince yourself?)

Inexperience. (How will I get any experience?)


You said I could do better. You said I was just settling. I'm desperate.

Ok, even if you are right, what are you going to do about it?

Go back to your girlfriend?

I'm nothing, nothing, to you.

You threw me aside! Am I worth nothing to you?

Just a tease, just a kiss, just a touch.

And then I'm just another girl.

Another phone contact.

You don't care. You're just going to go back to your girlfriend, make out, kiss her, make love to her. Over again and again and again. And then I'll be there, and you'll throw it in my face.

Fine. You're right.

But is it settling if it's all I can do?

The End

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