He Saw Me CryMature

I don't know...

She wishes he knew how much she loves him.

But does it matter? He loves her,

She is the light of his world.

He is the light of hers. Yet it's so dark there.

He tells her about the sex, so wonderful and how it feels so good.  How exciting. And she just bites back her lip, still a virgin, still just a friend.

He tells her like she should be happy for him.  Why? Why should she be happy that this girl has the one thing she wants in her life?

She loves his smile. She loves how deeply he looked into her eyes as she bit back the tears after she was called a slut.

(Ha! Can you believe that? Her? A slut? Gee, the world's first virgin slut!)

How he just held eye contact with her and told her to not let them get to her.  The tears filled her eyes and rested on her lashes.  He just told her to be strong.  His sweet voice as he told her she wasn't going to cry. And he just spoke to her. Calming her as that tear finally escaped from behind her short lashes.

Her keyboard is broken.  She's shaking from how terrible she feels.  Tears are coming back up and her throat is tightening.

It hurts so bad.

She's glad he saw her cry. She always holds back her feelings. And he knows that more than anyone else. He knows how she feels, truly. 

I guess, if she can't have you, she'll have to settle for being the girl in the friend zone.

And not even a best friend.

Just a girl.

The End

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