He For She, Them for They, I'm for It

Recently, Emma Watson made a speech on behalf of the He for She campaign. One point that she made stood out to me in particular. It was on the subject of feminists being "man-bashers'. It made me think.

I made me think about how, when I look in the mirror every day, I try to find five good traits within myself. Only five; it doesn't seem like much. However, I don't cheat. I attempt to find only the truly good qualities- excluding looks or natural tendencies. Not that I hold the door open for people, or pick up a piece of trash on the street. Qualities that make the people around me smile. Qualities that influence others for the better. Most of the time, I cannot. I cannot think of only five things about myself that influence people for the better. And yet, as I go through my day, I am able to point out many things about others that are not good. Many, many things.

And I asked myself, after listening to her speech, why that is.

Why is it, that if people are a different gender, they are treated differently?

Why are men insulted if they show emotion?

Why, in many places, is it not "ok" to be gay?

Why do they not feature larger people in magazines?

Why do some people despise some races?

Why do some religions dislike others?

Why, why, why?

I think I have come to a conclusion about those questions; mind you, it is not an answer.

I think- I believe- that, as humans, we as a people feel the need to judge those whom are different. Different, in any way, than what we in our own hearts accept as normal. And too often has the word "different" become synonymous with the word "bad".
 I feel that each of us has a base human need to dislike others- in whatever form we may find. At the moment, the focus is on men and women, and the differences found in the treatment of the respectful parties. And I am behind the cause for equality more than the average person. But have we not been around this loop before, with different terms on the opposing sides? It was blacks vs. whites, Germans vs. Jews, and now men vs. women.

Maybe the issue lies not within the differences between the two sides, but the natural grudge found in mankind. Is it possible that each and every one of us is in this way corrupted? If the need to judge is so greatly enabled in our society, how are we ever to learn equality- true equality, no matter the label on the proper issue?

I think that, each and every day, we should each struggle with those five qualities as you stare yourself down in the mirror. I think that the humility it brings you will in turn made you less impulsive to judge another. Because despite all of the differences two beings may have- we are still human. We are one body, and we should work together, as one, to bring the lack of equality to its knees. Perhaps we need to stop defining every little thing we come across, take a step back, and look at the largest picture. That this world has become a nearly inhabitable place because of each and every one of us. Because some would rather face death than their peers- kill themselves out of fear, and rage, and unkindness. Unkindness is so often so easy. Don't take the easy way.

The End

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