He Did it Again

He broke her heart again.
She cried all night and yet
She loves him.
I never saw why.

Until that fateful night.

He called me last night.
My stomach was in knots.
And, no, she doesn't know.
It'd hurt her so much.

But he held me so close
and he told me those things.
When he left, I tried to stop it.
Reminded myself of everything.
And yet he called me again
I said yes.

She found out.
And I felt so bad
but I met him last night.
I picked him again.

Over my best friend.

When I got home
I cried so much.
I focused on the bad
and I tried to let him go.


I watched him kiss that other girl without any fear
of hurt.
I was proud of myself for finally letting him go.
I'm talking to my friends again, they've forgiven everything.
They know what it feels like to fall for him.
When he saw me, he apologized, he said those things again.
I'm proud to say: I didn't fall for it.
No one fell for it
ever again.

He'll never hold me again
And I don't believe those things.
When I left, he tried to stop me.
Reminded me of everything we did.
And when he called me again
I remembered

and I laughed at him.

The End

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