Ending part 2

Mrs. Bone’s Office


                        (Both teachers are sat at the desk)


Miss. Rose       I have scouted another young talent for you. Young Gary.


Mrs. Bone       Are you sure your school isn’t a performing arts school!


Miss. Rose       I wish! Gary is a very talented street dancer and I think that the dance programme would really benefit him.


Mrs. Bone       Well there is only one way to find out I suppose isn’t there. I suppose you have gone through Mr. Jackman?


Miss. Rose       Certainly have and he told me to see you.





Jess                  Gary have you actually been in three West End musicals?


Gary                No! But It was funny to see his face though.


Mrs. Bone       Gary.


Gary                Yes Miss.


Mrs. Bone       I believe you have an audition to show us.

                        (Tony, Jess and Haydn look in surprise)


Gary                Yeah I believe I do.

                        (Gary gives his phone to Haydn, he puts a song on and does an upbeat street dance to it)


Haydn             And you gave me a hard time. What made you do this?


Gary                Well I was smoking at lunch with Freddy.


Haydn             Freddy smokes?


Gary                No he wouldn’t know where to begin! Anyway Miss. Rose came over to me and told me what you told her to tell me, I thought about it and then it just seemed the right thing to do. So I showed that dance to Miss and she said I should come and see you.



Mrs. Bone       (Has been joined by Mr. Jackman)

                        Very impressive

                        (She looks at Mr. Jackman, he nods)

                        You can start next week.

                        (The teachers leave)


Haydn             Looks like your with us then.


Gary                Yeah looks like it, so do you all do the same courses?


Jess                  Well me and Haydn do but Tony does Music and Script Writing, we do Musical Theatre and Drama.


Gary                Pretty much got all the areas covered then haven’t you. May aswell take over the school.


Tony                We already do, you must have heard about us?


Jess                  Yeah we go round bullying the younger ones, getting their money off them.


Haydn             Yeah you wish

                        (They laugh)


Gary                So you two are siblings?


Jess                  Yeah and the caretaker is our Dad.


Gary                That’s why Daniel called you cleaners kid or whatever he said.


Haydn             You should see their ‘hideout’ it is amazing.


Tony                Oh yeah we have to show it you, only Haydn knows about it apart from myself and Jess.


Jess                  Yeah Dad can get his hands on any food or drink that he wants to. It’s like a party everyday with us.


Haydn             Sorry to go off topic, but Daniel was carrying the same jacket as he was yesterday.


Gary                What?


Jess                  We planted some cigarettes on him yesterday and we are hoping he hasn’t found them yet.


Haydn             I presume you’ve got some Gary, you will have to get rid of them.


Gary                Since you went I was going to a group every week to help me quit so I don’t smoke as much anymore so hopefully I will be ok.


                        (Bell Rings) 

The End

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