Old friends reunited

Musical Theatre Classroom


Mrs. Bone       Right we have a new student starting with us. This is Haydn so please make him feel welcome. Ok I want you to decide on your pieces for the showcase. Drama students you also have a monologue to do, I’ll let you work wherever you want.

                        (Students exit leaving Tony, Jess and Haydn)


Jess                  Right we need to decide on a song that each of us can do for the showcase.


Haydn             “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid


Tony                (Laughing)

                        Oh Dear Haydn! These are top professionals we need something a lot less … Disney if you get me. I’m gonna do “Love Changes Everything” from Aspects of Love.

                        (Time moves to Tony singing the last phrase of the song)



Jess                  That was really good, I’m going to sing “Memory” from Cats .

                        (Time moves to Jess singing the last phrase of the song)


Tony                That is such a hard song to sing, you did it really well, with Mrs. Bones help it will be amazing. Haydn what song are you thinking of doing?


Haydn             “Empty Chairs and Empty Tables” from Les Miserables.

                        (Haydn sings the song, whilst he is doing this Gary and Miss Rose walk in)


Gary                Haydn that was amazing!


Haydn             Gary?

                        (Runs over to the two of them)

                        It’s so good to see you both. Hi Miss.


Mrs. Bone       (Approaches the pair of them)

                        Hello Miss. Rose.


Miss. Rose       Hello Mrs. Bone, and hello to you to Haydn it’s good to see that you are well.


Haydn             Gary you have to come meet my friends.

                        (They go to Tony and Jess)

                        Tony, Jess this is Gary the one I told you about.

                        (The four of them begin talking attention swaps to the two teachers)


Miss. Rose       So how is Haydn getting on?


Mrs. Bone       Well he is doing really well in Drama. Mr. Heath was very impressed with his performance, considering that he didn’t know anyone he did really well.


Miss. Rose       Well that is a relief his mum would be pleased to hear that, she knows how much of a trouble maker he can be.


Mrs. Bone       Oh I’m fully aware of it! I’ve heard that he has had a couple of incidents with a particular character here.


Miss. Rose       There has been a huge change in Gary as well since Haydn has left. He has even been attending extra Math’s lessons to catch up with what he had missed. When the two of them were together it was a nightmare they were just so naughty. Sounds strange but I think Haydn coming here is the best thing that has ever happened to Gary.








                        (The weather is nice and the four of them are lying down on the grass)


Haydn             So Gaz how have you been at school?


Gary                Rubbish as usual, but I’m doing good I guess, since you left I’ve been doing more better.


Haydn             Still see your missing English lessons then

                        (He laughs)


Gary                Why?


Haydn             That sentence made no sense.



Gary                (Realises his mistake and all of them laugh)

                        So how are you getting on here?


Haydn             I love it here, it’s so different from my old one, we are performing in a showcase soon to a lot of agents and casting directors.


Tony                So how come you didn’t come here to Gary?


Haydn             Isn’t it obvious, you need talent to come here

                        (He laughs)


Daniel              So how did you get in Haydn?


Haydn             You what?


                        (The very tall Gary stands up and towers over Daniel)

Gary                Relax H I’ll settle this. What’s his name?


Tony                Daniel.


Gary                Listen Daniel, If you even talk to any of these three again I will twist your body into places you don’t want it to go into. So I suggest you go and leave them alone, why don’t you go and do some ballet training whatever it is you do?


Daniel              You d…don’t scare me, you can’t touch me you’ll get kicked out.


Gary                How’d you figure that out, If you were listening before Haydn said about needing talent, Tony asked why I didn’t come here.


Daniel              Then that means that you are trespassing, and I must get you removed from the premises.


Gary                Bring it on.


Tony                Yeah Daniel, too long we have put up with your arrogant behavior and it’s about time that it stopped.


Jess                  Oh, oh my turn. Look you might have more money in your back pocket than all four of us put together and a fancy lifestyle that we could only dream of ,but how many friends do you actually have.


Haydn             I think it’s time that you left Daniel.


Daniel              Fine have it your way but I won’t forget this, I shall be reporting this to father and he will sue your pathetic cleaner for a Dad that you have.


Gary                Oh My God you are Daniel as in the one that was in Billy Elliot, you played Billy didn’t you?


Daniel              (Looking pleased that he has been recognized)

                        Well yes I was but I don’t like to go on about it.


Gary                How many shows have you been in. In the West End I mean.


Daniel              2. Billy Elliot and Priscilla Queen of the Desert.


Haydn             Looks like you win Gary.


Daniel              How’d you mean?


Gary                I’ve been in three. Oliver!, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers and Mary Poppins.


Daniel              But no-one has been in more than me.

                        (He runs off)


Haydn             Gary that was


Gary                Amazing I know. Is he always like that?


Jess                  Yeah that pretty much sums him up.


Tony                No-one has ever done that to him before.


Gary                Well I could do it more often if everything works out.


The End

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