A new enemy



                        (Tony, Jess and Haydn are sat on the field relaxing, Haydn gets a cigarette out)


Jess                  Haydn I wouldn’t do that if I were you, this is one of the only places that has a serious crackdown on smoking.


Haydn             You’re right I really should quit, I have been trying to stop. Wouldn’t it be funny if we planted these on Daniel.


Tony                That is genius.


Jess                  But it’ll have to wait, we have other things to do.


Tony                The more we plan the sweater it’ll be executed.


Haydn             Have you ever thought about what you want to do in life?


Tony                I would love to be a professional writer. It’s the whole inventing characters and story lines, it is wicked to see them come to life, the thing about writing is you are not limited to what you can write about. What about you sis. What do you want to do?


Jess                  Well I have it all mapped out. I want to produce and direct films. I love the power.


Haydn             I think you will make a good bossy boots.


Jess                  Very funny Haydn, what about you? What do you want to do?


Haydn             Before I came here all I was looking forward to was stacking shelves, or asking “would you like fries with that”. But here I feel like I can achieve anything. I’ve always loved acting I just never thought I was good enough. I do feel sorry for Gary though. What has he got to look forward to.

                        (Haydn’s phone rings)



Shannon          (Crying)

                        Hello sweetie how are you?


Haydn             Mum! Yeah I’m fine, how are you doing?


Shannon          Ok. How are you finding the school?


Haydn             I love it. I met two wicked people. Do you know how Gary is doing?


Shannon          He’s doing fine, he has been making extra effort at school, he’s made some new friends as well, I think you leaving has done him the world of good. He will be so happy that I have spoke to you, H I am gonna have to go now. See you soon.


Haydn             Bye

                        (Puts his phone down)


Tony                I remember the first call we got from our mum.


Jess                  Yeah bless her. She burst into tears instantly, cuz you have got to remember that she didn’t just lose one of us she in fact lost the pair of us, and on top of that she hardly sees Dad because of his job.

                        (Daniel walks over to them)


Daniel              So you think that you are Michael Ball and Idina Menzel after your little charade in drama earlier.


Tony                They could be.


Daniel              Listen cleaner boy. I wouldn’t expect you to understand.


                        (Tony symbolises cigarettes with his hand, Haydn knows what Tony is on about)


Samuel            But listen here Hay Bail, you pull another stunt like that and show me up again I will strike you down.


Haydn             Yes sir, sorry sir, please, please forgive me

                        (Hugs Samuel dramatically and puts an empty pack of cigarettes in one pocket and the cigarettes in the other of his jacket)


Samuel            Get off me peasant

                        (Searches the pocket with the cigarette packet in and takes it out)

                        Nice try, better luck next time.

                        (He goes)


Jess                  How did he figure that out? Our plan is ruined before it even started.


Haydn             I wouldn’t say that, first rule of war always think like your opponent. So I put the packet in one pocket and the fags in the other.


Jess                  But what is to stop him from finding the fags before he gets caught?


Tony                This sounds like a long shot, but we could get Dad to tell Mr. Jackman that he has suspicions that kids have drugs on campus, then hopefully he will search everyone.


Jess                  Ha. I would love to see the look on his face when that happens.

The End

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