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In the Canteen

Next Morning


                        (Haydn is sat on a table alone as Tony is getting food, he is quickly joined by Daniel)


Daniel              (Patronising)

                        So you’re the new guy?


Haydn             Yeah what of it?


Daniel              Angry aren’t we? The casting directors won’t like that, did you know I have played Billy Elliot at the West End. Do you want me to show you?


Haydn             (Stands up face to face with Daniel)

                        I’ll show you my Mike Tyson in a minute.


Daniel              (Laughs) You wouldn’t dare, you would be kicked out of here quicker than you could recite the colours on Joseph’s coat, besides I am far too good to even speak to the likes of you. Now I know that you are not as good as me.


Tony                (Tony comes rushing over)

                        Oi! Clear off, don’t you have some ballet recital to rehearse for.


Daniel              Very well peasants I shall leave you, but remember this new kid, you’ll never be as good as me.

                        (He walks off)


Tony                (Laughs)

                        He is such an idiot, are you ok?


Haydn             Yeah I’m fine, who does he think he is?


Tony                Oh that’s Daniel Smith his dad is one of the bosses here, he is so far up his own arse it’s unreal. Do you know what he did on newbee week? We went round the group saying our achievements and he invades in our group and he comes over and says “I’ve played Billy Elliot which is obviously better than what any of you have ever done.


Haydn             He’s an idiot and I am doing drama as well, I hope he isn’t there. I’ve got to go to Drama see you later. (He goes)


Drama Lesson

Haydn             (Rushes in)

                        Sorry I’m late Mr. Heath

                        (Jess is smiling, as she knows who he is)


Mr. Heath        Ah Mr. Johnson no worries take a seat next to Daniel. Did you know he’s been in the West End.


Haydn             (Abruptly) Yes! (Calm) I did sir.


Mr. Heath        So today we will be working in pairs and you will be doing a demanding task. You will be revealing the other persons sub-text, and now that Mr. Johnson has joined us there are 30 of you. Go. Go. Go

                        (Daniel pushes everyone away and approaches one girl, everyone else pairs off leaving Jess and Haydn)


Jess                  Haydn. I’m Jess, Jess Griffin.


Haydn             Ah your Haydn’s sister?


Jess                  That I am. Right lets get to work, I take it that you have been acquainted with twinkle toes.


Haydn             Who?


Jess                  Daniel. Do you know what he did in newbie week?


Haydn             Yeah. Tony told me, why don’t we do a scene about him.


Jess                  How evil. You play Dan, but we will change his name to Toby and I’ll play Linda who he is with but she can be Tracy.


                        (Time passes to after everyone has performed)


Daniel              Haydn that wasn’t bad for a peasant and a cleaner girl.


Mr. Heath        Dan stay with me I want a word with you. End of lesson you are dismissed.

The Corridor outside Tom’s office


                        (Haydn is walking along the corridor with Jess, they stop outside Tom’s office)


Tom                 (Comes out of his office)

                        Ah Jess nice to see you, and you must be Haydn Johnson.


Haydn             How do you know that?


Tom                 Well if you step into my office I will show you what I mean.


Haydn             I’m not in trouble am I?


Tom                 No, just don’t worry.

                        (They go into the office Jess sits next to Tony)


Haydn             Tony! What are you doing here?


Tom                 Welcome to the Griffin family hideout.


Haydn             Wait. Your their father?


Tom                 Yep!


Haydn             That is so cool, but this is just a caretakers store room.


Tom                 Hey you’ve only just got here and your already slating my hide away, grab a drink and some food and make yourself at home.

                        (He does)

                        So how are you finding the B.S.P.A?


Haydn             It’s full of “pep’s” well except you two obviously.


Tom                 Sorry am I missing something here? What is a “pep”?


Tony                Dad. A pep is a pompous egotistical performer.


Haydn             It’s my code for the idiots around here.


Tom                 Oh ok. Jess how was your drama lesson today.


Jess                  Really funny because we did subtext where you reveal what the other person really means, and our performance was better than Sam’s so he turns around and goes “Not bad for a peasant and a cleaners girl”


Tony                “A cleaners girl” how dare he, however don’t worry about him you’ll make it one day, especially if you impress the judges at the showcase.


Haydn             Yeah! Jess I never asked but what is it that you do here?


Jess                  Well drama as you know, and I do singing and some core music studies. How come you don’t do singing?


Haydn             Because I am not a very good singer and I never took it up at school. Probably because it wasn’t cool enough.


Tom                 Peer pressure, oh it’s hard having so many friends isn’t it.


Haydn             Well I only had Gary, I really miss him though, but this is even wierderer...


Tony                You do know that wierderer isn’t a word. It’s weirder. (Laughs)


Haydn             I knew that. I miss my mum to. Even though we never really got on.


Tom                 Let me share something with you, the day my Mum died we were going to see her but we decided against it, how were we to know that she was going to die that day. But we never got the chance to say goodbye to her, so Haydn make the most of what you have, because you never know when it is going to go.


Haydn             Aw. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be so... (Tries to think of a word) insensitive.


Tony                Aw. It’s ok, she was a bit of a nut job weren’t she.


Jess                  One time she spent half an hour looking for the car in the car park only to then realise that she had walked to the supermarket.


Tom                 That’s nothing. I remember she went to the media shop and brought ten videos, when she got back home she remembered that she had no video player.


Haydn             Does anyone else know about this place?


Tony                No, just us, but we thought you should know about it.


Tom                 That’s right and remember Haydn if you can’t help yourself, one of us three will always help you.

The End

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