A New Friendship

The Canteen


                        (Tony comes over with a tray of food)


Tony                There you go mate one cafe latte and one toasted sandwich.


Haydn             I’m glad I found you, or else I might still be on my own. My drama teacher is one of the scouts for this school and she told me about the pompous egotistical performers.


Tony                Aye. There are some right weirdoes here, mainly the ones who do all three practices, by that I mean drama, singing and dancing, they are usually the show offs, not all of them but you get some who spoil it for the others, and the minority of them think that they are better than everyone else, however some of the most talented kids are probably the nicest people you could meet, like my sister, she is so talented. Do you have any brothers or sisters?


Haydn             No it is just me and my mum in our dingy flat.


Tony                Where’s your Dad? If you don’t mind me asking.


Haydn             My mum chucked him after he went with another women, he’s a copper.


Tony                Do you spend much time with him?


Haydn             I spent unwanted time with him yesterday, because I got in a bit of trouble for drinking.


Tony                What ever floats your boat mate.


Haydn             Do you know who my room-mate is going to be?


Tony                (With a mouthful of food)

                        That would be me.


Haydn             What?


Tony                (Clearer)

                        Sorry! I said that would be me.


Haydn             Ah cool see I’ve been so worried really for no reason. It’s nearly 11 and I have to go to my lecture do you know where I need to go?


Tony                Yeah come on I’ll take you lets go.

                        (They set off)


The Lecture Hall


Mr. Heath        Now Stanislavski changed theatre as we see it today, he did this by introducing the actors to many new aspects of acting, for example given circumstances which made the actors believe in what they were doing. We will resume our study of Stanislavski tomorrow, now we will talk about another practitioner called Bertolt Brecht. He was born in Augsburg, south Germany in 1898.

                        (Mr. Heaths voice fades and we now see Gary at school who is on his own in the maths classroom with the maths teacher Miss. Behr, Gary is getting extra help. Afterwards we see Haydn’s mum at home in Haydn’s bedroom all neat and tidy his mum is sobbing on the bed. We go back to the lecture hall)

                        He also made his actors speak in the third person...

                        (Haydn’s phone rings)

                        Ah Mr. Johnson would you care to hand over your phone?

                        (Haydn obliges)


Boys Dorm

Night time


                        (Miss. Bones enters and gives Haydn his phone and then leaves, Haydn’s luggage is in the room)


Tony                So Haydn how was your first lecture?


Haydn             Awful! I have never been so bored, well that’s a lie, double maths is worse.


Tony                How was your old school?


Haydn             Awful! The teachers hated me, well maybe that should be the other way round, I suppose that just couldn’t really be bothered so that explains why most of them didn’t really like me. I only went to a couple of lessons but I kinda regret that now.


Tony                So what lessons did you like?


Haydn             English, Drama and Chemistry.


Tony                So did you have lots of friends? You look like a popular guy.


Haydn             No. Only Gary. We didn’t really treat people that well so I can hardly blame them for not liking me there was no point to it, it never got us anywhere. Anyway what do you do here?


Tony                I do singing and Scrip writing.


Haydn             Script writing?


Tony                Yeah! It’s really good, it’s the least popular choice so there is more time for personal tutoring.


Haydn             So what do you do in it?


Tony                We can choose, I choose to write for primary schools, it’s really good to see them being performed.


Haydn             Well wouldn’t you like to become one of your characters? Not with the primary school though obviously.


Tony                Haydn I sing, I am awful at acting, I too skived a few drama lessons at school, the whole acting thing just isn’t for me.


Haydn             How many plays have you written?


Tony                Since I have been here I have written 15 scripts, but as for real plays I don’t think I have written a full length one. Have you ever written one?


Haydn             No! But I did use to help out with the year 7 drama class, I keep this good luck card they made me in my pocket.  (He shows Tony the card, he takes a look at it and Haydn puts it back in his pocket) So you do singing, so you’re taught by Miss. Bones?


Tony                Yeah. It’s wicked because at the end of the year the scouts come to see us all perform.


Haydn             But if there are 1000 of you, how do they have time to audition you all?


Tony                They are not auditions par se (pause) actually that’s not a bad way of looking at it, anyway they divide us all up into two weeks so that they can see us all.


The End

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