Part 2

Part 2

Outside the School


                        (Haydn, Gary, Shannon and Miss. Rose are all outside the school saying their goodbyes to Haydn. Haydn has put his luggage in the car)


Haydn             Bye Mum, for all that we’ve been through. I will miss you lots.


Gary                Haydn, have a good time and promise me you’ll make friends in fairy world.


Haydn             O.K if you promise to go to maths and make new friends.


Gary                Deal.


Haydn             I can’t believe that this is actually happening to me.


Gary                Go for it and yes i promise that I will go to maths and catch up on the work.


Haydn             And behave yourself?


Gary                Don’t push it.


Miss. Rose       Sorry to hurry you Haydn but we have to get going, you won’t want to be late on your first day would you?


Haydn             I’m as ready as I'll ever be.

                        (Both Haydn and Miss. Bones get into the car)


                        (Haydn sits in the front passenger seat looking a little worried)


Miss. Rose       Are you alright?


Haydn             I’m missing them already. (Laughs)


Miss. Rose       You will never replace Gary but you will make some good friends.


Haydn             But didn’t you say that the place was full of egotistical performers?


Miss. Rose       Well most of them are yes. However if you find the nice ones your time will be memorable.


Haydn             What is the school’s purpose?


Miss. Rose       Basically you’ll train with the best and then at the end of your school year you put on a showcase, where the school shows off its performers, that means anything from the script writers to the light and sound designers, top people in the industry come to watch to see if anyone impresses them. There are 5 areas in the school: Acting, Backstage, Dancing, Script Writing and Singing. Now for this showcase everyone’s work is reliant on everyone else so for example if the actors don’t perform the script very well the script writer will be penalised for it etcetera etcetera.


Haydn             That sounds good, but how many people will I be sharing a dormitory with?


Miss. Rose       Well as you missed “Newbee Week”, that is where everyone really gets to know each other. So I very special friend of mine has got you a dorm with just one other person who has agreed to share with you. Do you have any other questions?


Haydn             No but I will really miss your year 7 class especially people like Ivan he is so funny.


Miss. Rose       I know. They are a cracking group of kids they made you a good luck card it’s in my glove box if you’d care to get it out.

                        (He does and puts it in his back pocket)

                        Oh. Looks like we are here Haydn. Now I’m going to have to go soon because I still have classes to teach, when you get inside you’ll meet the vocal coach Miss. Bones who will be your sort of tutor, not like a form tutor, more of an advice tutor. Right I’m going to have to go I’ll see you when I bring Gary up, remember to have fun.


Haydn             Could you tell Gary something from me?

                        (He whispers something into Miss. Rose’s ear. Haydn gets out and takes his luggage out the boot of the car. Miss. Rose drives away leaving Haydn alone outside the B.S.P.A)


Inside the school


                        (Haydn is alone in the main area of the school. Miss. Bones approaches unknown to Haydn she startles him)


Miss. Bones     Haydn. Haydn Johnson?


Haydn             (Jumps)

                        Y..yes Miss that’s me, sorry, you startled me.


Miss. Bones     (Chuckles)

                        Not intended I assure you, anyway it is nice to meet you I am Miss. Bones head of music and musical theatre, now as you may already know, this school is divided into 5 sections. Acting is over there, backstage to the right of it, dancing is over the other side, scripts and creative writing is to the immediate left of us and finally singing is just up there.


Haydn             What do people do after leaving here?


Miss. Bones     Good question. Well it depends on the individual and what they are studying, for example if you study acting you may want to carry on and become a professional, or if you’d rather you could change and go into teaching, so it really depends on the individuals desires.


Haydn             So for someone who was studying dance, they would either go on and study it further or maybe become a choreographer?


Miss. Bones     Perfect, well I have your timetable here in my bag and according to it you have a lecture to attend to at 11. (She hands him the timetable) Let me take your luggage for you and I’ll have it arranged to be taken up to your room. (She takes Haydn’s luggage) Well it’s been nice to meet you Haydn and hopefully our paths will cross again. Bye Haydn.



                        (Haydn is trying to take in the sheer size of the place and by doing this he accidentally knocks over Tony)


Haydn             Here let me grab those for you.


Tony                It’s ok mate, thanks anyway. Ah I take it that you are the new Johnson boy you started today didn’t you?


Haydn             Yeah that’s right. I’m Haydn. Haydn Johnson.


Tony                I’m Tony Griffin, I believe that I have finally met someone who isn’t a pompous egotistical performer. Seriously it’s good to finally meet you and I have just the thing to get you started. A cafe latte and a beautiful ham and cheese toasted sandwich in the canteen.


Haydn             But I don’t have any money.


Tony                Don’t you have an allowance card?


Haydn             A what?


Tony                The allowance card is like the total of what you spend, so your basically spending money that you don’t really have. Don’t worry I’ll get you this one.

                        (Both Exit)

The End

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