Finishing part 1

P.E Changing Rooms


                        (Haydn is sitting alone in the corner, Freddy comes and joins him)


Freddy            Hey Haydn what’s up? (Long pause) What’s wrong cat got your tongue?


Haydn             Arrgh just leave it out Freddy it’s none of your business just leave me alone please.


Freddy            Well temper temper I guess Gary was right about one thing.


Haydn             (Angered)

                        What did Gary say you little jerk.

                        (Gary enters unknown to Haydn)

                        Tell me what he said.


Gary                Well, well, well the fairy is getting angry.


Haydn             What is your problem?


Gary                Listen fairy wings, i stood by you when you were in trouble and what do i get in return. Nothing.


                        (They start grappling again until the P.E teacher splits them up, punches have been traded)



Head Teachers Office


                        (The Head has his back to the two boys who are sitting at his desk, both have notable scars from their recent punch up)


Head               I warned you Mr. Johnson what would happen if i saw you in here again this week. Well Mr. Johnson you have lasted all of one hour and five minutes congratulations, however considering this was not quite what our little agreement involved i will not be suspending you two for the month. I will be expelling you both immediately. Go.

                        (They both leave and sit on the chairs outside)


Gary                Look mate...


Haydn             (Interrupting)

                        Don’ you dare “Look mate” me, you and your attitude problem got us into this mess.


Head               Sorry did i say expelled, i meant suspended.


Gary                I really am sorry Haydn, i don’t know what came over me.


Haydn             I do your anger problem, and jealousy. What is your problem with me going?


Gary                If you go i’ll be left alone, i don’t know what i’ll do without you.


Haydn             Well maybe if you were nicer to people then you would have more friends. Have you forgot what we were talking about not that long ago?


Gary                (Getting quite upset)

                        I...I don’t know.


Haydn             Opportunities and ambitions Gary that is what we were talking about. About how we should take our opportunities when we get them and that is what i am doing,

                        (Takes a deep breath)

                        Look Gaz i know i should have spoken to you about it, but i was way too excited about going.


Gary                No. I’m sorry for the way i over reacted, looks like those boxing lessons came in handy,


Head               (Comes out of his office)

                        Well now that you have that sorted i may consider lifting your suspensions depending on your report cards.


Haydn             Cheers Sir.

                        (They start walking back down the corridor)

                        What lesson are we supposed to have now?


Gary                Maths


Haydn             Oh! That’s a shame, i fancy a fag, care to join me?


Gary                With pleasure


Outside at the Wall



                        (Gary and Haydn are sitting at the wall, smoking)


Haydn             You never know you might get an amazing opportunity like i have one day, my Auntie Carol told me that you have to work really hard for chances like this


Gary                But this one just came to you with no work or effort.


Haydn             How dare you that’s not true, i work really hard in Drama and i even help teach Year 7 drama with Miss. Rose.


Miss. Rose       (She comes round the corner and the boys try to hide the fact that they are smoking, but Miss. Rose lets them carry on)

                        You may as well carry on, you’re in enough trouble as it is without me telling you two off. Haydn if you want to go to the B.S.P.A then you are going to have to leave for it tomorrow. I have also contacted the school and explained the situation and they are allowing you Gary to visit him once a fortnight.


Haydn             I don’t know starting tomorrow it’s a bit sudden isn’t it.


Gary                Haydn you have got to go considering what we were talking about outside the Head’s office. Do it fairy boy.


Haydn             Ha! You can’t talk you’ll have to go to every Maths lesson as you’ll have no-one to bunk off with. Ok Miss i’ll start tomorrow.


Miss. Rose       Aw Haydn that’s great news i will go and contact the school right away

                        (Miss. Rose leaves)


Gary                Well i suppose we need to celebrate the only way we know how to with

                        (Gary and Haydn together)

                        Booze and fags.


                        (They both laugh and walk off towards the canteen)

Haydn’s flat


                        (There is party food laid out on the small table, the two boys are quickly getting through the food, there is quite loud party music playing. They both have alcohol)


Gary                Well mate here’s to you at your pansy school.


Haydn             Well my friend here’s to you at the crap school. I am quite nervous about it though.


Gary                Why?


Haydn             Well what if i don’t make any friends?


Gary                You’ll make lots of new friends besides you don’t need lots of friends as long as you have one or two that you can really rely on, plus when i come and visit you, you can introduce them to me. Now let’s party.

                        (The two get down to partying and the scene ends with the two of them sound asleep in the living room.)


End of Part 1

The End

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