The next day

Haydn’s flat

The Next Day.


Haydn             (Haydn is in his bedroom alone and obviously quite moody as he is alone, and he is opening the few amount of cards and gifts that he did recieve. His mobile phone rings)



Gary                Happy Birthday H. What’s up?


Haydn             It’s my Mum she promised me that this year she would stay and take me out, but she has work.


Gary                Well i’ll come round if you want me to.


Haydn             No it’s ok Gary i’ll see you tomorrow anyway Gary, and thanks for my present.


Gary                That’s okay mate i’ll see you tomorrow.

                        (Haydn throws his phone on his bed, he lies on his bed looking quite stressed out, he goes through one of his draws to take out a cigarette but remembers that he doesn’t have a lighter, there is a knock on the door and when Haydn opens it he finds his Drama teacher Miss. Rose standing there, in her hand there is a gift for Haydn, he invites her in and they are in Haydn’s bedroom)


Haydn             (Surprised)

                        Miss. This is a surprise, i did not expect to see you of all people today, i mean no offence but... but.


Miss. Rose       (interjecting)

                        It’s ok, well i saw how depressed you were at school so i brought you this to try and cheer you up, i’ll tell you that you are one hell of a lucky boy Haydn, I’m quite amazed that you didn’t get this sooner.


Haydn             (Haydn unwraps the gift to unveil a small brown cardboard box with the emblem of the Performing Arts school)

                        I’ve seen this logo before. I saw it at school when i was in isolation, the receptionist came in and gave me a letter with this exact logo on it. She also said how lucky i was but i just briefly looked at it and ripped it up as i thought it was a joke, but then i picked the pieces back up and kept them in my trouser pocket.

                        (Takes out the rest of the contents of the parcel)

                        A hoody and a gym bag both with the Birmingham School of Performing Arts written on it. Why have i been sent this though? Why me what did i do? There’s another letter let’s see what this one says.

                        (Haydn opens the letter and reads it out aloud)


                        To Mr. Haydn Johnson.


                        This is the fourth letter now which i have sent you, i am slightly concerned on why you never replied sooner but there you go. My name is Mr Jackman, and i am the Head Teacher at the Birmingham School of Performing Arts. As Head Teacher it is my job to get students who will benefit from our busy and demanding routines, and you Haydn have been chosen from one of my favourite scouts, the lady sat beside you. Spooky? Yes! I gathered that you would be guaranteed to get the letter if Miss. Rose gave it to you. Anyway our school has had many greats pass through our doors and go on to live out successful careers. Now you Haydn have the chance to follow them.


                        Hope to see you soon

                        Yours sincerely

                        Mr. Alex Jackman BA(Hons)


                        Woah, is this for real?


Miss. Rose       Yes Haydn you really do have a chance to go there, other than London this is the top Performing Arts school. The part you will be going to is the under 18’s part for the juniors. It is breathtaking the canteen is just massive and there are libraries and theatres, recording studios and the dorms are wicked, but why didn’t you reply to the first letter that you got?


Haydn             I don’t know i didn’t think that they were real, i just thought it was all a joke.


Miss. Rose       No joke. I went to the school and showed them the tape of your monologue. They watched it and they loved it so they started sending you letters in hope of getting a reply, obviously you didn’t so Mr. Jackman gave one to me to deliver to you.


Haydn             This is the best present ever, I’d love to go.


Miss. Rose       Hold your horses there kid, the B.S.P.A is not for everyone the place is full of pompous egotistical performers who think that they are better than everyone else.

                        (Checks her watch)

                        Oh look at the time i really have to go Haydn, but if you do decide that it is the right move for you remember what you will be leaving behind. Have a good Birthday mate.


At School

In the Drama Hut


                        (In the Drama Hut there is a small table where Haydn and Miss. Rose are sat, she is showing Haydn a prospectus of the school)


Miss. Rose       The place Haydn is massive.


Haydn             How many people go there?


Miss. Rose       In the junior school there are about 1000 people which is double the amount that go here.


Haydn             How much will it cost?


Miss. Rose       It’s about a grand every half a year, but i have spoken to the school and we are giving you a loan which you only start paying back when you are earning a substantial amount of money. The staff there are all professionals and have all had experience in the field which they now teach in, so it is top quality teaching.


Haydn             It is a great opportunity but can I really leave everyone behind, well just Gary and my Mum really.


                        (Gary bursts into the room looking angry he wrestles with Haydn until Miss. Rose splits them up)


Gary                How could you be so bloody selfish?


Haydn             What are you on about?


Gary                Don’t give me that, you know exactly what I’m on about, your packing your bags and leaving just so you can pursue an un-successful career prancing around on stage like an idiot wearing nothing but a leotard. You know I really thought that we were going to stick it out until the end, obviously you couldn’t even do that, you’re a liability Haydn, i should have never f trusted you.

                        (He uppercuts Haydn and storms out the room. Haydn goes berserk and starts throwing chairs around the room and punching the floor until Miss. Rose calms Haydn down who is visibly upset)

The End

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