Carol's Flat

Carols Flat


                        (Shannon and Haydn have entered Carols flat, Haydn is seated and Shannon is standing as she is about to leave Carol is also sitting)


Carol               So how are we all doing? God sis you do look really stressed you stopping long?


Shannon          No, no I’m going in a second.


Carol               Oh Ok Haydn I’ll just go and get your lunch (Carol goes to the kitchen)


Shannon          (Calls) Carol I’m going I’ll see you in a few hours (To Haydn) See you later Haydn be good.


Carol               Bye Shannon see you later. (Shannon leaves Carol comes back in with Haydn’s lunch) There you go mate get that down you proper food. (Gives the food to Haydn)


Haydn             Yeah if you can call pizza proper food. (They both laugh) This is the first decent meal I’ve had in a long; long time our fridge is empty at home.


Carol               Haydn I got you something else as well, but you can’t open it until your birthday tomorrow Ok and I’ll give it to your mum to look after when she comes and picks you up. So Haydn how’s school?


Haydn             Rubbish, because me and Gary, you know Gaz, just get shoved to the bottom of the pile, some teachers can’t stand us in their lessons so I just don’t bother going to lessons like Maths, take yesterday for example. I couldn’t be bothered to go to do probability in maths so I just didn’t go; I just sat on the field with Gary relaxing. It’s weird though whilst we were skiving we were talking about ambition and what we wanted to do in the future, and what a rubbish place our school is, and we were saying how no-one gives us a chance at school. Believe it or not I want to do well, I don’t want to stack shelves or pack things into boxes, if that, but how can we do that if teachers decide immediately not give us a chance?


Carol               Haydn that is really sad to hear, that all of your teachers have given up hope on you.


Haydn             Well not quite all of them.


Carol               Really?


Haydn             Yeah Miss. Rose the Drama Teacher is really nice and we get on really well, the English Teacher is really cool, aint been teaching long but is really cool and very respectful and funny, also Mr. Dent my chemistry teacher is completely wacky but makes the lessons really fun, he gave me a B for my last assignment so not all of them have given up.


Carol               That’s good to hear. So what about life at home, your mother tells me you’ve been in trouble again, what was it for this time?


Haydn             Me and Gaz were chilling outside drinking and smoking and then one of our neighbours came out dishing her orders out so Gaz stupidly shouted at her, she was harping on about you can’t graffiti on a public wall or something like that, then the police came but I don’t think that she rang them so Oscar came to sort us out we had a heart to heart and I ended up shouting at him. Not the smartest thing to do but I felt it needed to be said; it’s about time someone listened to me. Then I kinda stumbled in and me and mum had a huge row about how much trouble I keep getting in so I shouted back at her saying stuff like at least Oscar was there for me when he was with us. Why is it I get shoved to the bottom all the time?


Carol               I think your being a bit harsh on yourself but I don’t know, but if I’m being honest you do bring a lot of it on yourself. Lets go back a few years I made a huge mistake at school by missing lessons with your mother and now look at us both with dingy flats, your what now 14 nearly 15 your still young and you’ve still got a whole life ahead of you, you have to take the oppurtunities that life throws at you. If i had the chance i would turn back time and attend all my lessons and actually do well at school, maybe now i would have a bit more to show for it. Your in year 10 so you still have the chance to change your ways.

                        (A couple of hours later)

                        (Mum enters the room)

                        So Haydn I hope that you enjoy your birthday. The footballs on now if you want me to put it on, i think your team Sunderland are on. Why do you support them?


Haydn             Dunno. I used to support Coventry but changed after Dad left, so i put all the teams from the top two leagues and picked out Chelsea but as Gary is a die hard Arsenal fan i really didn’t fancy being a rival to him (laughs) so i picked again and picked out Sunderland, and also i know that Uncle Steve lives around that area so i just decided to support them. Oh Mum what was in that package from the Post Office?


Shannon          Oh it’s nothing for you to worry about.


Haydn             See what i mean Auntie, this is what it’s like all the time.


Shannon          (Snappy)

                        Oh for God sake if you really must now it was bills and tax documents, and overdue rent, God only knows where i am going to find the money to pay it off.


Carol               Well how much do you need?


Shannon          About £300.



Carol               (Goes over to a box by the window)

                        Well here is £300 exactly take it.


Haydn             Where did you get that much money from?


Carol               I may not have the grades to show for my intelligence, but saving money for a rainy day can benifit you know.


Shannon          (Takes the money)

                        Sorry to leave you so soon but Haydn is grounded so i am keeping him at home for a bit, by the way do you know wht he was up to last night?


Carol               Yes don’t worry Haydn has told me all about it. Haydn see you soon and stay out of trouble.

                        (They exit)

                        (Carol is alone, she finds a letter that was in Shannon’s package, the letter is addressed to Haydn and has the emblemn of the Performing Arts school on it, she opens it up and reads it)

                        Why would she deny Haydn a chance like this, it’s a once in a lifetime oppurtunity? Why am i talking to myself?

                        (She turns the television on)

The End

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