The local paper shop


                        (Haydn enters the shop and there is an elderly customer in front of him. Sarah is working in the shop who is Haydns Aunt)


Customer         Can I have a bag of lemon bon bons, a pack of Mayfair and the Daily Mail please?


 Sarah              Certainly sir coming right up. (To Haydn) Oh. Hi Haydn can you pick up the Daily Mail for this gentlemen please.

                        (Haydn picks up the paper and hands it to the customer)

                        That’ll be £5.63 then please. (Customer hands money over)

                        Thankyou see you soon.

                        (Haydn holds the door open for the customer, there is now only himself and Sarah in the shop)

                        So Haydn what can I do for you today?


Haydn             I’ll have a 10 pack of Benson and Hedges.


Sarah               (Laughs) Nice try mate.


Haydn             Only joking you know that, but seriously can I put £5 on my phone?

                        (Haydn hands over his card and money and holds his forehead)

                        Argh my head is killing me.


Sarah               (Disappointed) Another hangover c’mon kid this aint fair on your mum you really have to sort it out. You’re my nephew Haydn it’s bad enough your mother not doing much and Carol for that matter I don’t want you turning out the same way. There you go your card and your receipt it should be about ten minuites until your credit is updated and this parcel came for your mother make sure she gets it Haydn because it’s important. (Sarah hands over the parcel)


Haydn             Ok I’ll make sure she gets it and I’ll see you soon.  (Haydn leaves and sees Gary) Alright mate how you doing?


Gary                (Holding is head) Argh not so loud my head is killing me. I aint meant to be out cuz my mums grounded me for causing trouble and for getting pretty drunk and I had to go and apologise to that woman who I apparently shouted at but I don’t remember doing it. What about you?


Haydn             Well unlike you I remember everything that happened I told Oscar whats what and then stormed in my flat and told my mother whats what, but I’m so glad I got that off my chest, too long I’ve been lying to them and it’s about time they heard it how it is. Oh by the way you’ll never guess what the Head said to me yesterday.


Gary                What did he say?


Haydn             He said (Copying the Head) If your sent back to me at all next week then I’ll suspend you for a month and I will personally come round your house everyday and teach me himself. (Back as himself) And you know how boring his lessons are don’t you?


Gary                So you’re pretty much screwed for next week then aint ya, but hey look on the bright side.


Haydn             Whats that?


Gary                You’ll have to go to double maths (They are now outside there respective flats) Anyway I’ll see you on Monday I best go in before my mum starts wondering where I am (Pause) for once. (Gary exits as does Haydn)


                        (In Haydns Flat)


Haydn             Mum I’ve got you a parcel, Sarah told me to give it to you. (Pause as he hands it over)      Well aren’t you going to open it?


Shannon          No not yet I’ve got more important things to do.


Haydn             Like what?


Shannon          (Strictly) Well after your little show last night I’ve decided to leave you at Carols today, because I’m not putting up with you not after last night.


Haydn             Whats the matter with you? You need to sort your morals out one minute your sobbing your eyes out and next your little miss bossy boots.


Shannon          Well you were going to go tomorrow but I’m struggling to keep you out of trouble so she can sort you out.


Haydn             Oh well at least Auntie Carols flat doesn’t stink of fags unlike this hovel.


Shannon          (Angered) How dare you if you don’t like it go live with your father.


Haydn             No thanks I’ll give that a miss, (Pretends to get upset) I’d have to change schools and I don’t think I could put up with the emotional stress of that.


Shannon          Oh stop being such a drama queen Haydn get some stuff and get in the car and hurry up.


Haydn             Do you know if you weren’t so lazy we could get out this dingy flat.


Shannon          You can talk about being lazy. Come on Haydn get in the car. (They both exit)



The car


                        (Haydn and Shannon are both in the car Shannon is driving Haydn in the front passenger seat he has headphones in listening to music)


Shannon          Now Haydn I want to be good for Carol today seems as she’s agreed to look after you today.


Haydn             Yeah whatever, you can trust me you know. (Haydn turns his music up)


Shannon          Can I though? (Shannon starts the car and the set off there is a long awkward pause as Shannon doesn’t know what to say. Haydn has headphones in but it is apparent that he is not listening to Shannon) Haydn, Haydn are you even listening to me? You know what I don’t know why I bother even talking to you anymore, you are so ignorant, just like your father. (Pause then shouts) Haydn.


Haydn             (Haydn takes one earphone out.) (Calmly) What was that? Sorry I was listening to my music.


Shannon          (Gives out a cry of stress) (Shannon’s phone rings she answers it whilst driving) Hi Carol… yeah we’re about ten minutes away… Yeah he’s fine trying my patience thanks for taking him off me today I need the rest… I enjoyed the pleasure of discovering he was with the police last night… Yes Oscar brought him back… What do you mean is it back on?


Haydn             (Takes one earphone out) Mum you do know that it is against the law to drive and speak on the phone at the same time. (Pause) Just thought I’d say. (Puts his earphone back in)


Shannon          (Shouts) Shut up Haydn. I’m sick to death of you. (To Carol) Sorry about that Carol… Yes I know he’s right. You, you are as bad as him. See you soon. (Shannon puts the phone down)

The End

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