Haydn's Flat

Haydn’s flat: Bedroom



                        (Haydn is at home on his own as his mum is out working, he is lying on his bed still looks a bit upset after the day that he’s had at school, he is playing on his PSP. His mobile phone rings and it is around half four)


Haydn             (Answers the phone) Hello


Gary                H, it’s Gaz what’s up with you?


Haydn             Oh it’s nothing don’t worry about it.


Gary                It aint our form tutor is it, he aint upset you has he?


Haydn             That’s just one thing, just the whole of today has been kinda... you know.


Gary                Well what time do you want me to come over to yours?


Haydn             Whenever you want mum aint home so just come round whenever you want.


Gary                Do you want me to bring anything with me?


Haydn             Yeah what I told you to bring earlier. Your I. Pod and speakers, get your lighter and bring some booze I could do with a laugh.


Gary                (Laughs) Ha such an alcoholic! 


Haydn             You can’t exactly talk. I’ll see you in a bit. (Haydn puts the phone down)

                        (Haydn resumes playing on his PSP.)


                        (15 minuites later and Gary has arrived the two of them are in Haydn’s bedroom)


Gary                Do you want a fag Haydn?


Haydn             Yeah.

                        (Gary hands over a fag and a lighter and the both spark up)


Gary                So what’s made you so upset today?


Haydn             Just the whole day really the Head, our Tutor (Cheerful) but it’s nearly the week-end so lets have some fun. Anyway how was P.E without me again?


Gary                Wicked (Gary takes a drag from his fag) cuz we had a professional come in and teach us all new stuff.


Haydn             Cool. What stuff did you bring then? (Haydn takes a drag from his fag)


Gary                My I. Pod, some flowers for your mum from my mum and I managed to bring some booze do you have any?


Haydn             Yeah I’ll nick some of my mums (Laughs)


                        (The front door sounds and Shannon enters)


Shannon          (Shouts) Haydn. I’m home.


Haydn             (To Gary) What’s she doing back so early? Quick hide your stuff under my bed and chuck your fag out the window (Gary and Haydn stump their fags out and leave Haydn’s bedroom Gary brings the flowers with him; to Shannon) Hi mum Gary’s here it’s alright if he stays for tea isn’t it?


Shannon          I know Gary’s here I’ve just seen his mother and of course it’s Ok if he stays for tea. Gaz you can stay as long as you want.


Gary                Thanks Miss. Surman my mum told me to give you these flowers. (Gary hands over the flowers)


Shannon          Aww thanks Gary but whats this for?


Gary                For looking after me the other week.


Shannon          Well thankyou. Haydn why can’t you be as nice as Gary here. Now you two clear off and get back to whatever it was you were doing. I don’t want to be disturbed during my Hollyoaks omnibus got it. (Both boys nod) Good. There is some food in the fridge feel free to help yourself, but don’t eat all of it.


Haydn             Thanks (To Gary) c’mon Gaz lets go back to my room.



Outside Flat.


                        (It is now early evening it is quite dark outside and Gary and Haydn have gone outside Gary got a spray can from his shed and they are putting graffiti on a neighbour’s wall they have been drinking alcohol and smoking, a neighbour has come out to confront the two boys)


Woman            Oi you two shouldn’t be doing that. That’s a council wall that is.


Gary                (Drunk) What you going to do about it you old hag get back in the kitchen and cook or whatever it is you do.


Woman            (Angrily) How dare you speak to me like that?


Gary                (Threateningly) I dare.


Woman            Right Gary I’ll be having words with your mother. (she goes back in her house)


Gary                Now we’re in trouble (sees police car coming)


                        (A policeman steps out of the car and approaches the two)


Oscar               Gary and Haydn what a suprise to see you two here c’mon Gary I’ll take you home Haydn go and wait by my car (Haydn goes and waits by the car and Gary goes with the police man. Moments later the police man returns to speak to Haydn)

                        What in God’s name do you think you are doing, acting like an idiot in front of your neighbours like this? I dread to think what your mother thinks of you behaving like this. What is she going to say when I take you home? Part of the reason I left her was her constant arguing and I’m so glad that it’s you that’s going to be on the receiving end of her shouting. I’m so mad at you Haydn Johnson; ever since I left your mother you thought that you could just walk over her, but let me tell you something mate. If I’m ever called out to you for this sort of behaviour I will arrest you and lock you up for the night, because this is unfair, seeing you like this she is probably worried sick right now.


Haydn             I doubt that and since when have you been interested in mums feelings if I remember rightly it was you that went to another woman so don’t say that it was her arguing that split you two up because it wasn’t, so you ditching her for Yvonne broke me and now this is whats happened thanks to your (sarcastically) loyalty. Whats the matter; truth hurts doesn’t it. (Haydn walks off)


Haydns Flat


                        (Haydn staggers in but seems to have sobered up a bit he reeks of alcohol and cigarettes)


Shannon          (Angrily) Where the hell have you been Haydn, on the street no doubt causing trouble again. Do you know how much stress you put me through? Why do you have to cause so much trouble with Gary? (Pause) Well what do you have to say for yourself?


Haydn             What do you care, since you got home all you’ve done is watch tele; you don’t care about me at all do you. As long as you’ve got your tele programmes and your fags your happy. I bet you hadn’t even realised that we’d gone out had you? (Pause) Thought not you were just too hooked on Hollyoaks. Oscar brought me back and it made me realise something; when the two of you were together at least he was there for me, he’d go out with me to watch Coventry play, or we’d go fishing or we’d go together to the pub and play darts, but no your too lazy to take me anywhere and I’m sick of it. Whats the matter, truth hurts doesn’t it? (Haydn storms into his room)


Shannon          (Shannon starts bursting into tears) Haydn I’m, I’m sorry, so sorry.


The End

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