Isolation Room


Haydn             … and that’s basically what happened Sir.


Teacher            So why was you so set on getting sent out today?


Haydn             Well it’s basketball and I hate it and I can’t be bothered with it. Just another pointless thing to learn about and now Sir’s gave me this sheet on body parts which I know that I can’t do and I really can’t be bothered to stay here much longer.


Teacher            Haydn; listen to me, I understand that you have trouble learning and paying attention or maybe you just can’t be bothered I don’t know, but do you really think that it’s fair on your peers to keep disturbing the lessons you might not want to learn about basketball but maybe everyone else does, it’s really selfish Haydn. Teaching is hard enough trust me, and you can make it really difficult for teachers, show me your report card (Haydn hands it over) Haydn you didn’t even go to maths today, why didn’t you go?


Haydn             Don’t know couldn’t be bothered.


Teacher            Well that’s not good enough. P.E your meant to have now. English with me is really good and so is chemistry and so is Drama. Why can’t you be as well behaved for all your lessons? Anyway Haydn I’m going to have to leave you know after all you are in isolation. (The teacher leaves)


Haydn             Yeah see you later Sir.

                        (Haydn picks up the sheet and folds it back out, he gets a pen and attempts the sheet and to his amazement he completes the sheet much to his amazement he looks very pleased with himself. The receptionist enters)


Receptionist    Haydn Johnson?


Haydn             Yes Miss?


Receptionist    I have a letter here for you it’s from a school in Birmingham I tell you what Haydn you are one hell of a lucky boy, you really are. (The receptionist gives the letter to Haydn and then leaves he opens the letter takes one look at it and then rips it up, and throws the pieces in the bin)


                        (The P.E teacher joins Haydn in the Isolation Room and takes Haydn’s work sheet off him)


P.E Teacher     The Head Teacher would like to see you now Haydn.

                        (Haydn leaves) Haydn this sheet. Good work. See you can do it you just don’t want to.



The Head’s Office.


                        (The Head Teacher is sitting on his huge chair behind his desk. Haydn knocks and enters)


Head               (Angrily but not shouting) Come on in Johnson stand there and stay quiet, let me inform you this isn’t going to be pretty, because I am sick and tired of your audacious behaviour and not just me Mrs. Behr tells me that you didn’t even go to Maths today, your behaviour and attitude is affecting the others around you. It may not bother you showing off in front of your posse, but that is not fair on your fellow classmate who, suprising to you, want to learn. I promise you Johnson if you are sent to me at all next week for your attitude or behaviour I will suspend you from here for a month, and I will personally ensure that work is sent to you every day for you to complete, if you don’t do it then I will come to your house and make you do it and you know how boring my teaching is. Your treading on very thin ice Haydn so I suggest you skate with caution, show me your report card (Haydn hands his report card over) keep up your good work in Chemistry, English and Drama you are dismissed (He hands the report card back to Haydn and Haydn leaves)


The Big Wall.


                        (Haydn is sitting at the wall looking really sorry for himself; he takes a cigarette out of his bag puts it in his mouth and is unsuccessfully searching for a lighter Miss. Rose the Drama teacher has joined Haydn)


Miss Rose        Now Haydn we don’t need that now do we (Haydn puts the cigarette back in his bag) now listen to me you could and should do really well in life but you’re not going to if you keep getting sent out of lessons are you. I know and understand what troubles you have at home and here at school, but you really have to isolate your home life to home and your school life to school, I can tell that your not because this is whats happening and as a result you are performing a lot under par, and it’s annoying because I know that you can do so much better than what your showing. I know that you’re a bright kid Haydn and you have a real creative spark for Drama, do any other teachers know the acting side of you? H answer me this question why are you so well behaved for me but not all of your teachers?


Haydn             Honestly? It’s because none of the other teachers like me, because I don’t like them or their lessons, because they bore me. I have no interest in Maths or Woodwork so I just don’t go to them, it saves the teachers having a stress at me, if you can even call them teachers, and it saves them a lot of time and effort if I’m just not there to start with.


Miss. Rose       H the members of staff are all here to help you; you just have to find it in yourself to accept that. We have a job to as do you; mine is to teach and yours is to learn. Anyway Haydn it’s coming up to lunch so I’ll leave you up to whatever your getting up to. Do you have anything planned for lunch?


Haydn             Nothing really probably just slouch here with Gary being bored.


Miss. Rose       (Laughs) Oh Ok Haydn I’ll leave you then but have a good week-end and try to stay out of trouble. (Miss. Rose leaves)

The End

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