The Big Wall!


 Huge Wall


                        (Gary and Haydn are at the big wall as in scene 3, as it’s break time they now have a football and a lot more people are outside, but Haydn and Gary are on their own)


Gary                What have we got next H?


Haydn             (Unenthusiastically) P.E, great another lesson I can’t be arsed with.


Gary                Just because it’s basketball and you can’t do it (laughs)


Haydn             Shut up. I hate basketball it’s so rubbish and where am I going to use basketball later in life?


Gary                (Mocking Haydn) Duh if you’re a basketball player.


Haydn             Yeah well I don’t plan to be a basketball player, (pause) I might just get sent out again, weedy Freddy loves having balls thrown at him (They both laugh Haydn has kicked the ball hard and it has gone away from the two of them)


Dean                (Joins Gary and Haydn, out of breath) Gary I’ve got your cigarettes, do you have my money?


Gary                Haydn are you seeing the check on him (To Dean) Listen you’ll get your money when I see fit in giving it you but until then go and play tig or whatever you and your little year 7 bum boys do with each other. (Dean goes) (To Haydn)  He’s such a weirdo aint he?


Haydn             Yeah but he did just get you some fags, he aint half bad is he?


Gary                Suppose not by the way do you want one?


Haydn             No, no I’m good thanks.


Gary                (Pause) Haydn go and get the ball.


Haydn             (Abruptly) No! (To another person) Oi! Get the footy for me.

                        (Someone passes the ball back to Haydn) Cheers. (He again begins to kick the ball around with Gary) Hey Gaz you up for getting sent out of P.E?


Gary                Nah, not today I like basketball, but I’ll see you at lunch, then we can have that cigarette that we’ll both need.


                        (Gary and Haydns’ form tutor has approached them and is now standing with the two boys who are surprised to see him)


Tutor               (Strictly) I sincerely hope that you two aren’t smoking, because if you are I’ll (Stuck for words) I’ll…


Gary                Chillax Sir we aint smoking.


Tutor               Very well then I’ll leave you two youths to do whatever trouble your causing.


Haydn             That is such a monolithic stereotypical perception of the youth of today isn’t it. (Tutor is bemused that Haydn has said this) Giving the impression that we hang on street corners like sea urchins, smoking and drinking and just being a nuisance and generally causing mischief. I see what impressions teachers have of us. (To Gary) He’ll probably be accusing us of taking drugs and carrying knives. (Tuts) Typical.


Tutor               (Still perplexed about what Haydn has just said) Very well then lads I’ll leave you too it, and I’ll see you both in detention this afternoon. (The tutor walks away)


Gary                (Bursts out laughing) Haydn that was amazing (Copies Haydn) monolithic stereotypical perception (As himself) ha you bloody geek did you even know what any of those words meant?


Haydn             Honestly? No (Both start laughing) did you see his face though (Mimics the Tutors face) No but using big words does make you sound more intelligent.


Gary                Alright mate you can stop using long words now. (The school bell rings) Come on lets go. (They start walking slowly)


Haydn             Hey Gaz smiles is a long word.


Gary                How’d you figure that out it’s only got six letters in it.


Haydn             Well there is a “mile” between the S’s (Haydn starts laughing)


Gary                Your jokes are so bad. Freak. (They go)



Isolation Room



                        (In the room there is a table in the middle and that’s it there is one chair which Haydn is sitting on he has a worksheet with him which he has one look at, scrunches it up and throws it on the floor a teacher is wandering around the school and notices Haydn in the isolation room and goes into see him)


Teacher            (Un-surprised, but not angry) So Mr. Johnson what are you doing in here again?


Haydn             Well this was what happened…


The P.E Room


                        (All the boys are in the changing room and are all ready for the lesson)


Haydn             So Freddy how are you?


Freddy            (Politely) Oh. I’m very well thank you and yourself?


Haydn             (Angrily) Shut up Freddy I’m sick of your voice, I’m sick of your face and to be honest I’m sick of you. You little twerp.


Freddy            (Nervously) What is your problem Haydn?


Haydn             (Grabs him by the throat) You ever speak to me like that again and I’ll make you wish you were never born. Got it?


                        (The P.E teacher has come into the changing room.)


P.E Teacher     Haydn Johnson get off Freddy immediately (Haydn obliges) Do you know what I can’t be bothered with your intolerable behaviour go up to isolation I’ll send you some work up as well. (Haydn leaves)


The End

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