The Wall!

The Wall


                        (Haydn and Gary are sitting on the concrete leaning against a huge wall both with cigarettes)


Haydn             Gary. You got a light?


Gary                No


Haydn             What?


Gary                Only Joking (He hands the lighter to Haydn they both light up their cigarettes)


Haydn             Gary have you ever thought about what you want to do after year 11?


Gary                Well lets worry about surviving year 10 first. But honestly I can’t really see us getting many GCSE’s at the end of year 11, so I don’t know, it’s kinda harsh that people round here don’t give us a chance, they just put us to the bottom of the pile.

(Takes a drag of his fag)


Haydn             Yeah that is true we do get shoved to the bottom, but in all seriousness…


Gary                (Interupts)

 Do you even know what that means?


Haydn             (Pondering)

 Yeah kind of. It is sad though that we won’t do much with it though. You saw how I got treated in form today. Plus outsiders just presume that you’re up to no good, and in this place they help the ones who are guaranteed to get their GCSE’s and then dumb asses like us don’t get no help (Stumps out his fag as does Gary) and after next year we won’t have anything to go with, colleges won’t want us and we won’t get to the 6th form. And we only go to lessons that we like all three of them.


Gary                Oh yeah which lessons are they?


Haydn             Chemistry, Drama and English.


Gary                Drama why do you like drama aint it kinda rubbish?


Haydn             No. Drama’s a laugh but the only one I like in the class is the teacher and because I don’t really get on with anyone else I get to work with her quite a lot.


Gary                Oh balls! The chemistry homework was due in today and I haven’t done it have you?


Haydn             Yeah I’ll help you do It if you want. (Gary gets the homework out of his bag) Right balancing equations is really easy once you understand it, right so the first one is C+O—CO2 now this isn’t balanced because whats on the right side must be on the left side and on the right side there is only one oxygen and on the left there is two so you just put a small number two next to the O now that is balanced as it now says C+O2 –CO2 see it’s easy.


Gary                Cheers you little know it all.


Haydn             It’s weird my Mum don’t seem to care what I get up to these days.


Gary                Mine either, I want to do well with my life I don’t want to be a shelf stacker. I wanna earn lots of money, have a nice house, and get a banging babe (Pause) O.K maybe not vital but I aint being a failure. How much money do you have left?


Haydn             (Checking pockets) I’ve only got £1.56 and an empty pack of chuddy. I aint got enough for any cigarettes.


Gary                Don’t worry about it here you go here’s two (Gary gives Haydn 2 fags) I can’t believe I actually get served the people in the shop up town are pretty stupid, because we would never get served in the shop at home would we?


Haydn             No. Anyway we best go we’ve got Chemistry. (They both get up and leave to go to lesson.)


Haydn’s Flat


                        (Shannon is sitting in an armchair smoking she is on the phone to her sister Carol)


Shannon          So Haydn was late to school again, he hasn’t been to school on time at all this week it’s stupid he is damaging his own education… what do you mean hypocrite you can hardly talk Carol… yeah he’s always getting into trouble and expects me to stroll up to school and sort it all out for him well I tell you what it aint happening any more (the letterbox sounds) hang on Carol I’ve got to go and get the mail (Shannon gets the mail and returns to the phone she is looking through mail whilst talking on the phone) Why is  it that that postman is always late? (To herself) Hello what have we got here? It’s a letter from a performing arts school why would it be addressed to Haydn he’s not a performer… they’ve probably made an error anyway Carol I’ll see you tomorrow I think Haydn could do with a day with you. (She hangs up)

                        (Shannon rips up the letter and throws it in the bin and she resumes watching television)


The End

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