Haybail Deceased

What you might consider the lowest orm of society has an amazing talent which is not used, until someone tips him off to stage school. How will his life be different, is it worth it for what he is leaving behind?

Hay-Bail Deceased


Part 1

Haydn’s flat in his bedroom.


(Haydn is lying in his bed, his room is messy and his uniform is scattered    on the floor, his alarm clock goes off but he doesn’t budge. Shannon          comes bursting in the room)


Mum                (Loudly) Haydn for the last time get up and go to school.

                        (Haydn murmurs and turns to face the other way)

                        (Shouts) Now, Haydn you really make me mad sometimes. (She exits)


            (Haydn gets up looks at his clock and realises the time so he quickly puts his uniform on, puts some deodorant on, grabs his cigarettes from under his bed. Goes into the bathroom and has a quick wash and cleans his teeth and ruffles his hair, grabs his bag and leaves hastily.)



 Haydn’s Form


                        (In the classroom all the pupils are sitting behind their tables the Form Tutor is standing leaning over his desk.)


Tutor               So what have you all got planned for this week-end then?

(Sam puts his hand up)

Yes. Sam?


Sam                 I’m going up to the snooker hall up town and I’ve got a date up there too. (Pause) Damn I just remembered I’m going to Tamworth with my Dad, I’m going to the Snow dome I’m going to do tobogganing, and go down the huge ice slide on a huge ring it’s going to be awesome.


Freddy            I’ve been there before with my Nan it’s was so brilliant I had so much fun.

                        (There is a knock at the door and the Form Tutor leaves the room leaving the kids alone)


Gary                (Nasty)

Hey Freddy

(Gary throws a bit of paper at him and laughs as does the rest of the class) Do you like spending time with your Nana.


Freddy            Y…yes I do whats it to you?


Gary                (Has stood up and has walked over to Freddy and has got right up close to his face)

Listen you weedy sack of spuds you ever speak to me like that again I’ll make you wish you were never born

(Grabs his throat)

Got it?


Freddy            (Feeling threatened and scared)

Yes Gary sorry.

                        (The Teacher comes back in and sees Gary threatening Freddy)


Tutor               (Angrily)

Gary Hooper sit down now.

(Gary sits down at his chair)

You’ve got half an hour detention with me now tonight congratulations.


Gary                Why what for?


Tutor               Well for what I’ve just witnessed and what your Maths teacher just told me about you not doing your homework for her lesson again so you can spend half and hour with me. (Gary looks annoyed)


                        (Tilly puts her hand up)


Tutor               (Abruptly) What? (Calmly) Sorry Tilly what is it?


Tilly                 I’m going down to London to watch the West End production of The Phantom of the Opera with Louise and Sandra for my 15th birthday tomorrow.


Tutor               Well I hope you have a good time tomorrow girls. I’ve been to see it. It is amazing. Honestly it’s the best play I think you will ever see in the West End.


Freddy            Except Oliver.


Tutor               Well I wouldn’t know about that one some of us are too busy to watch all of these shows.

                        (Haydn bursts in the room out of breath. Gary seems a lot happier)


Haydn             Sorry I’m late Sir.


Tutor               (Shouts)

Sorry. Sorry you’re always sorry but do you ever do anything about it Haydn?


No you don’t

(He checks his register)

This is the ninth time you’ve been late, if your late for this afternoons registration you would have been late a record ten out of a possible ten times.

                        (Haydn starts smirking)

I don’t know why you’re laughing Haydn you as too now have half an hour detention with me after school I’m so glad you enjoy spending so much time with me go and sit down.


                        (Haydn slowly sits down next to Gary)

                        (Everyone else has moved around to lightly talk to their friends)


Haydn             What you doing later Gaz?


Gary                (Quietly)         

Well now that we’ve both got half an hour we’ll be spending some time together but I don’t know what to do after that.


Haydn             Why don’t you come to mine?


Gary                Alright that’s a good idea but I’m having Chinese tonight so I’m gonna have tea at mine then I’ll come over to yours do you want me to bring anything with me?


Haydn             (Pause)

 O.K then bring your I. pod and speakers and if you can bring some booze I could really do with some after today. What lesson have we got now?


Gary                Maths


Haydn             I don’t know about you but I really can’t be bothered with Maths do you want to skive it?


Gary                Yeah alright then.


                        (A bell rings)


Tutor               (With Relief)

Right every one of you go.


                        (Everyone rushes off)

The End

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