A Grain of Sand

Scattered along shimmering coast lines, drowned by an ocean, even on a playground, a grain of sand is such an inconspicuous and lost object.  It lacks diversity and has been swallowed up into the masses.  Uniqueness? There is none.  

A grain of sand can't exist on it's own, for then how would we describe a grain?  Forgotten by time and buried within Earth's Era, a single grain of sand doesn't have meaning, yet it can be used to track time.

Am I like a grain of sand?  Have I been forgotten and lost within a mass?  Where has my uniqueness gone, wasn't I different?  Who am I without my family, without my name?

The coast missing a grain of sand is still a beach, the world without me is unchanged.  What is my purpose if my existence has no meaning?

An hourglass lacking a grain loses its power.  Where is my hourglass?  Where do I matter?

The End

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