Just me, myself, and I. Oh, wait. You're here too. :)

My name is Courtney or Court or HarryPotter.lover. But I'd mush rather you call me Courtney. I am young, the absolute youngest on this site. Yes, I'm ten years old. I'm in fifth  

I read a lot. Wait, a lot more than alot. My grandma got me a kindle for my birthday, which was October 9! It's thanksgiving break now and we got out on Monday. Since monday I've read...five books?

Books I've Read Since Monday:

Fallen (Celestra Series Book 3) PS. I have to wait for another one!

Branded (Fall of Angels Book 1)

Forsaken (Fall of Angels Book 2)

Vindicated (Fall of Angels Book 3)

Afterlife: a Fall of Angels Novelette


I think something's wrong with me! I'm addicted to reading!


Okay, now I'll tell you about my family, but not alot. I have two sisters, one older, one younger. I have a mother who's thirty-five until the first. I have a dad, Daddy Shad who's thirty-six.

My works: (I have a lot of them...so...bear with me)

Delly's Diary

The Globe (closed collab)

Spells (closed collab) I think it's dead, sadly.

The Last Petal (closed collab between Lion and me)


I have a bunch more, but I don't feel like listing all of them. So until next time!


The End

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