Harlot Hues (Scrapbook Variant)

The rather insane sociopolitical opus, that makes an attempt to combine all my--wait... that is redundant, "insane sociopolitical opus". Either "Insane Opus" or "Sociopolitical Opus" would have less redundancies. Either way, these are the views of how the world works of Katrina "the Lamia" Payne--regardless of what reality says!

Well, I am, after all, an opinionated witch. I will tell you how I think the world works and operates at a drop of the hat. In most cases, I am well aware of how this idea, my views, fail to describe reality.

Which is unfortunate, because people are starting to think I may be onto something, and not akin to some ranting hobo.

So, I figured, why not create a book of sorts, that combines my opinions that I have dolled out, hoping somebody would be able to say why I am wrong--but no longer getting it.

Remember, I say and express my views understanding I am wrong. I am looking for somebody to give a better set of views to see the world--and be able to explain why their view is better.

This will never happen. As I now understand I am in straw man territory. See, when I talk, people now see me as something I am not. They understand my views of the world as typically something that surprises me, when I hear it. I have actually gotten use to the idea that people ignore what I am saying, and decide what I am saying for me--though, it still makes the discussion confusing... as typically I stay on what I am saying, and get accused of tangents, off topic or just not going in a proper direction with the conversation (hint: tangents imply some arch or curve is being presented as the conversational analogy. In Geometry, a tangent is the tool to be able to figure out the information at a spot of that arch. Essentially--the metaphor best describes that I am trying to figure out the information about where we currently are in the conversation.)

This is the scrap book version. I am merely pulling stuff I have boasted on Facebook--possibly with some thinker helper substance in my system. Judging from some of then, it was Rum and Coke--others may be Jack and Coke. The idea is that in a later version, I sort out the myriad of messy half logics in the ether of ideas and concepts that really have no relation with how the world actually functions and operates.

So, much like various lunatics that people should have just kept to "tinfoil hat mumbles on the side of the street" status before me, such a Ayn Rand's Atlus Shrugged or Adolf H.'s immortal "My Struggle", K-Marx' Communist Manifesto, RMS Hacker Manifesto, Das Kapitol, etc.--here is a long list of nonsensical ideals that like most compendiums of ideals, does not reflect reality.

If you enjoy this, seek psychological help. You clearly are not well, and should seek help before you harm yourself and others.

The End

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