Hardly moving roadside breakdown bluesMature

Song in the style of Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues.

We got on at 28

Morning head not so great

Mist on the windscreen

Listening to Springsteen

Passing by some caravans

Early coffee on my plans

Service station twenty miles

Egg and bacons' sunny smiles

Watch out son

Cop with a speed gun

Blue lights flashing n'all

Speeding there's irrational

Gonna be so late

A ticket and drive class date

What began as sleepy time

Has turned into a speeding fine


Feeling now quite irate

Missed the service station gate

Cruising in the middle track

Lorries tail miles back

Driver in a Scammel rig

Towering over, looking big

Wouldn't let me switch lane

Driving past my turning in

Watch out son

Now you've had your fun

You could have killed us there

Giving you an evil stare

Pulling well ahead of you

Fifteen miles to 32

Driving through to Welcome Break

For some french fries and a steak


Negotiating roundabout

Exit three now heading out

Now back on motorway

Passing lorry, bales of hay

A tanker full of heavy fuel

A bus of children off to school

Honk the horn, give a shout

Naked bottoms poking out

Watch out son

Teach'll tell ya mum

You'll get such a smack

If the bad news gets back

Waving back at lady teacher

Pretty lady, like to meet ya

Maybe at the next stop

Continue where the wave left off


Fuel gauge back up again

Wipers arcing, heavy rain

Ease right back, try not to hurry

Shower of spray from that big lorry

Eddie Stobart, large and green

Wipers thrash to clear the screen

Looking for the exit sign

Coming up, Junction 9

Watch out son

Yup. I managed that one

Turning off and slowing down

Nearly at St Albans town

Journey's end, time to rest

Bunking down, Welcome Guest.

The End

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