Hardest Thing To Do

Chorus Once

I'll take care of you everyday

I'll be there when you grow older

Each lyric will be hidden in the bay

And you will find them in the folder

I'll be here for you, whenever you want me to

If you don't then I'm gone

But that will be the hardest thing to do


Verse One

Everybody's been battered and bruised and kicked

Everybody's had a day when they felt sick

Everybody's gone and had a taste of the rich

But has anybody gone and got a hold of it?

No they haven't but I have tried

Tried for you and me, it was a deep surprise

The message I longed from you was written in the skies

Literally from the waters and above

The lord divided them up so we could feel the love

The true feeling that's so strong

Would never be realised at all

If the seas and skies were stringed along

And hung open the opening of a song

It's hard for me to stand here and feel the force

The force of the wind and remorse

The sound of clanging, clapping feet of the horse

Everything about it, finds an open door


Chorus Once


Verse Two

The dark horse

The darkest creature to walk upon this earth

Because its legs were sculptured to perfection

A dark, dark horse will never feel rejection

And that's the strongest gift anyone could receive

And me? I was blessed with the gift to believe

And now I've got it, I'll believe until I'm dead

I'll still go when that light turns red

Amber, green just never made any sense

Here I am with full content

Here I am with all my sentance

And imma lay it to you, if you feel it

Just give me a chance while I'm still breathing

Because I don't wanna let this moment go

I don't ever wanna let this omen show

There's only a few minutes to go

Before I get to sing at my own show


Chorus Once


Verse Three

You'll never know what inner strengths you have

Until you are put to the test

Until you are forced to show your strength to the rest

If anyone questions it then you know what to do

Question them when they question you

Then you will have conquered the quest and your virtue

Anybody wanna question, do it now

Anybody wanna lesson, learn it now

I'll teach you how to pursue your own vows

And how life will entail your next round

You're the next one up for the throne

So take it and go, put that crown on show

Ditch the kids that forgot and let them know

That they should of never sold their soul


Chorus Once

The End

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